Blogging started for me as something ‘just for me’. I wanted to write, actually I would say I needed to write! It was in my soul, part of who I was, a writer. Yet I had spent so many years ignoring a deep need in myself, I had denied myself something that was truly part of me.

I am not quite sure how I had never heard of blogging, as it had clearly been going on for a long time before I discovered that they existed, and guess what anyone can have one! Now I am not so sure that is a good thing as I know not everyone writes to share sparkles of happiness, in fact I am sure some people use their blogs as avenues to spread hate, I choose to not read those! Some bloggers share personal journeys that really help other people going through similar experiences.

I honestly started my blog, and this place called with zero experience and I truly expected no one, but maybe 5 people to read it. When I started receiving my first comments I was SHOCKED! Now a few years on I am still amazed at how many of you tune in and actually read my words, thank you so much! Ultimately this is my little space where I can just waffle on about whatever is on my mind and so many of you are kind enough to write back to me, and even give me some great advice when I am feeling like a lost little fish in this big ocean.

Most of the time my blog posts are just me writing whatever comes to me when I open my laptop, but each week I do host a link up for other bloggers to share their work with my audience and with one another. The blogging community has been so lovely to me, and this is my way of helping promote others. Whether you are a blogger here to link up, or a regular wonderful reader just stopping by, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support!

Blogging may have started ‘just for me’, but now it is something I do for all you lovelies who always show up here to share your love xx

Welcome to the 99th edition of A Blogging Good Time, ALMOST 100! Hosted by myself and Katie from Mummyinatutu. We are looking forward to seeing what you will link up this week! A blogging good time runs from Thursday to Saturday and all bloggers are welcome to link up one or two posts on any topic, family posts, inspirational, informative, self help, craft, days out, cooking, book reviews, photo series, funny posts, adventurous posts, we love them all.

Please make sure you take a look at the rules, some people have been linking up and not coming back to comment on both hosts posts and others, please comment and share, it makes it more fun for everyone.

I want to take a moment and share a powerful, beautiful sentence from my featured blogger this week;

if we can bring awareness to everything that is being stirred within us, and work through it instead of fighting it, we have the opportunity to make some powerful changes and shifts in perspective.

Modern Gypsy

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Reflections from me

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My featured writer this week is Shinjini. You post Tarot reading July really connected with me this week! Please feel free to display your badge.

Reflections from me

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