As evening approaches and daylight fades, clouds awash with different shades of colour each sunset that appears. There is a certain mood that evenings bring, the day for most people is coming to a close. As some are heading to work evening shifts in restaurants, bars, in hotels, or hospitals, most people are winding down after a long day. Perhaps you are preparing dinner, or getting ready to watch your favourite evening show? Others are struggling to get children to sleep, not sure if they can bare another sleepless night, and despite loving their child to the moon and back, they are wondering why they didn’t get the child that falls asleep by 7pm and sleeps for 12 hours?

Behind many pulled down blinds and closed curtains, couples curl up with cups of tea, whilst others argue and wonder where the romance went? Some people sit completely alone and content to be so, others are so lonely and spend their time wondering how they can change their circumstances. Perhaps an elderly lady misses her husband who passed away years ago, and her children have their own lives now, too busy to drop by? Behind another door a woman is telling her boyfriend that they are finally pregnant, whilst next door to hem a young man grieves for his girlfriend who just broke his heart.

Some homes may be filled with music, others may be filled with couples sitting together, yet both on their phones living seperate realities. Whatever it is that is happening in your home, your neighbours homes, and the homes of people on the other side of the globe, one thing is for sure, we all want to live our best life. We all want to feel accepted, needed and loved. We all want to fall asleep without the negative voices in our mind. We all want to feel safe.

How you choose to spend your evenings is up to you, I can not say there is a right and a wrong way, well I guess there is a right way . . . and that is to spend it in the way that brings you the greatest sense of happiness and peace. For some that is reading a book, or soaking in the tub. For others it is playing a sport with friends, perhaps a late evening surf, or eating a delicious dinner? Some prefer a Netflix binge, others may attend a yoga class, or walk their dog. If you are not someone who works of an evening then take adnate of these precious few hours before you head to bed. Do what you enjoy, unwind and get rid of any negative energy from the day, this will help ensure a good sleep, which in tun flows into a better tomorrow.

We often let our evenings just pass us by without giving thought to how precious this time is to our overall health and well being. We are living in stressful times, switched on almost all the time. We work long hours, spend way too much time staring at screens, it is no wonder the rates of mental and physical health issues are on the rise. Evenings are precious and we need to treat them as so. Take some time to think about what would make you happier and more satisfied with your evenings? Even if you can not achieve all you want, try and incorporate one nice thing into your evenings. It may be listening to some music, putting on some lovely face, or hand cream, meditation before going to bed, or reading for ten minutes before you go to sleep. It doesn’t have to be huge things, but if you begin to adjust your nightly routine to include something you enjoy, it will make a huge difference to not only you evening, and your sleep quality, it will make the following day better too.

Do you have an evening routine? Something you could share on how to get a better sleep? Feel free to share any tips in the comments section. Thanks for reading, love Mackenzie xx

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