Over the past month there has been a wonderful change for the Mummy Shot Instagram Community, the fabulous Natalie from the blog Memeandharri has come on board to co-host this adorable and friendly community with me! We will both be featuring our favourites, (which by the way, is so hard to choose) on the first Saturday of each month! So without further ado here are my favourites!


These absolutely precious images were kindly shared on mummy shot by the following;

@wendy_naptimenatterblog. @_lauriesharp.  

@the_dots_and_me.  @_i3eckie.

If you are not already following these Instagram accounts pop on over and take a look, they are full of beautiful images.


You can follow me @macglanville.

and Natalie @memeandharri. You can see Natalie’s favourites over on here Post HERE.

Mummy Shot is about celebrating childhood, and capturing gorgeous images without having to share your child’s full face on social media. 


Thank you for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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