If anyone missed the announcement last week, I am now co-hosting a blogging good time linky! I have joined the lovely Catie from Diary of an Imperfect Mum, and Katie from Mummy in a Tutu! 

What does this mean for my regular readers?

For all of you who stop by as other bloggers this means another fabulous way to get more attention to your own blog posts and to meet more fantastic bloggers. This will also mean more comments and more social media attention for you. For those of you who are already regular linkers to my Monday #mg linky please know that I will still be continuing with that too. So now you can link up here twice a week! 

For all you lovely readers who are not bloggers, but just love stopping by for a read (I love you), please know that you can click on any posts that get linked up here and discover some other great blogs to read! This link up will run once a week, and will be my only post that directly relates to a linky, all my other posts will always have my usual content on them.

For anyone new to my blog.

Thank you so much for stopping by! My posts usually involve a mix of my thoughts/reflections on motherhood, on living a happier life and how to live fearlessly authentic! I hope you enjoy coming by and looking around my little place here on the web. I love comments so feel free to leave me one, and I am Instagram obsessed! You can find me there @macglanville and also join my two Instagram communities #livingfearlesslyauthentic and also #mummyshot which I co-host with Catie. Have fun!

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Each week I will feature a favourite post. This week I have chosen Lucy from Me, Being Mummy, and her posts part one and two of George’s birth story, below is a snippet from part one. Let me just warn you that part two takes an unexpected twist!

“Things were getting stronger and, after another examination my midwife told me I was reaching 3cm and that she wanted to manually break my waters for me. Sounds so simple doesn’t it? Almost biblical. Like parting the red sea. Well, it isn’t. The midwife offered me Gas and Air stating ‘It is really quite painful to have done…’ But I refused because the idea of feeling sick on top of everything else did not appeal. So. Once again I adopted the stance of a Bull Frog. Once again I was talked through her pulling my cervix forward and then using a glorified crochet hook to burst the waters, all whilst contractions shook me to the very core. I screamed. I clutched PB’s hand so tightly that he had to prise it off and transfer it to his wrist so his fingers didn’t break. I became aware that the only thing between my suffering and the rest of the expectant mothers in the beds around me was a flimsy blue curtain and remember feeling sorry that I was probably scaring the shit out of them.”

Read on . . .

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If you know someone experiencing miscarriage or loss, please head over and take a read of my post on how to help someone suffering miscarriage and loss.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx