Can anyone truly believe it is nearly November? I am really wowed by how fast the last 6 months has flown by. It has been 6 months since we moved and honestly it is all a blur! We’ve (all 5 of us) had all our birthdays since then, and parties at home too, friends over, gotten a new puppy, cried, laughed, gotten frustrated, had loads of cuddles and family fun, and now it is so close to Christmas, wow! 

This past weekend we took Heidi to her 3rd session of puppy school, she is the little star of the class (say me of course lol), the trainer uses her a lot for the ‘how to’ do whatever it may be. Honestly I can’t take all the credit, she seemed to know a few commands when we got her which helped a lot! Plus she LOVES her food which helps with getting her to do what you want. Our biggest issue has been her nipping. She has a tendency to garb your shoe whilst your foot is in it and not want to let go, I also got a lovely hole in my gorgeous Seed top the other day whilst trying to scoop up her poop outside (such a lovely job, NOT). We have quickly learnt that gumboots are the best shoes to wear outside and having treats to distract her also works great. She has been great with not chewing furniture or toys left outside, I think she prefers a moving target (aka us). She is getting better though thank goodness and she is super cute! 

Adam had Taekwondo and then my brother picked him up and took him for his overdue haircut. Adam only ever wants his Uncle to take him for haircuts, (because he takes him to Maca’s after, and mummy and daddy don’t). He then when back to my brother’s house and we met them there and had dinner which was loads of fun.

Sunday was a lazy day, and I mean lazy, we were in our PJ’s for most of the day! I caught up on some reading, and we watched some Disney shows with the kids. Aspen decided it was time for some Yoga, and April decided it was time to sit on the stairs and make her laugh through most of it! My girls are totally nuts!!

Here are some weekend pics of my silly girls, I adore them as they bring colour to my life!

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What did your weekend involve?

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx

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