Roses say I love you, Orchids can enthrall, but a Weed Bouquet in a chubby fist, Oh My! That says it All!

This absolutely precious photograph and the accompanying quote was shared on #mummyshot by the lovely @jennihorsely.

Mummy shot Instagram Community is all about capturing precious moments of our wonderful children, and here are my favourite photos from Mummy Shot IG community this week, they are just so full of life, don’t you agree?

Let me introduce you to the photographers of these very cute pics!

TopLeft is by @tobyandroo.

TopRight is by @cardiffmummysays.

BottomLeft is by @lucyatthehomeblog.

BottomRight is by @i3eckie.

Thank you so much for tagging us, it always makes us so happy to see the images you share with us. 

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My favourite from Catie’s and my own mummy shots are ….


and my own 

Thank you so much for all of you who have shared your images with us! You can see Catie’s favourites over on her blog too. 

Hope you can join us again this week, and we would love to see some new people join in too.

If you would like more information about what #MummyShot is you can read “Introducing Mummy Shot”

It is really all about capturing emotion, or a story without seeing your child’s full face in the photograph.


Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx

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