With a trend in tiny homes, and space saving ideas, along with bookstores selling many books on how to declutter, it would seem that ‘less stuff’ must equal more happiness, right?  Well I guess that all depends on what you consider makes you happy! What is your definition of happiness?

Most of us have experienced that rush of happiness when we purchase something new. That new car, those super cute shoes, the new sofa, tennis racket, pram, cat bed, television, book, laptop, rug, I mean it goes on, and on. We are constantly purchasing new items. It can be such a thrill at the time, unfortunately most purchases don’t keep us in that intense happiness rush for long. Admittedly some keep us happier longer than others. But it really isn’t about how long we’ve had that item, it is the value or meaning we place on the item that brings us happiness long after the initial rush of purchasing has disappeared.

I am a fan of decluttering, search through my blog menu and you will find I have written about it before, but I also acknowledge that decluttering does not make everyone happy. When it comes to my own home I am fussy about what I place in it, I only keep things that I love the look of, or that hold a personal sentimental value to me. Things that make me feel inspired, and nurtured in my space. But enter my two daughters bedrooms and the amount of soft toys are enough to drive me insane. (Even though I was the same at their age). Because even though I don’t enjoy the clutter of their teddies, they do. Each one of those soft toys mean something to them. They make my girls feel safe, and nurtured each time they go to bed.

So I am not writing this in order to inspire you to get decluttering. I am writing this to inspire you to only keep the things, or stuff that really brings you joy. The things that inspire you, make your heart sing, and make you feel like you are home. Like your dog or cat, maybe?

Should I keep you? Of course!

If you feel like your home isn’t making you happy, the change it up. Don’t stress yourself, or crowd yourself with things that are not inspiring you to live authentically. Including people (but that’s a whole other blog post!) 

Try and buy less stuff, try and resist that temptation for that short lived high, that just leaves you with credit card debt. I can not presume to know what is going to make you happy, but am pretty sure debt doesn’t make anyone happy except for the banks. Buy cautiously, you would be surprised just by rearranging things you already have how many things you can find to style your home with. Start cleaning out your closet you may even find an outfit you love that you had forgotten about. And all those things you no longer need can go to charity to help others who have so much less. You can even sell some items to make money to pay off your debts. I love to shop, I admit it, but I will not go into debt for it, as having debt for me will cause me way too much stress. We have to be conscious of our finances, I know sometimes that really sucks, but we just have to. A short lived high, can lead to long term hardship.

Material objects are important, there are basics we all need to be comfortable and warm, and we all want to surround ourselves with lovely things, and that is OK to an extent, just don’t take it too far. Be more conscious when you shop, have fun, but don’t buy things just for the sake of buying something! Sometimes less really is more. Do you agree? And could you live with less?

Love to hear your thoughts. If you feel like commenting please do, it will make my day.

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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