Today the kids had the day off school, and I didn’t have to go to work, yippee! So like all great parents of the world I had grand plans for our day, did I ever mention my middle name? Well excuse me if I haven’t told you before, my middle name is supermum! OK I confess I actually don’t even have a middle name! So back to my grand plans.

Plans for kids day off school;

  1. Sleep in.
  2. Stay in PJ’s as long as possible.
  3. No make up.
  4. No house cleaning, (other than dishes).
  5. Lengthy shower, (and I’m locking the door).
  6. Watch the Bachelor episode I recored.

So yes as you can see my plans were a little self involved. But do not fear, I fed my children, and gave loads of cuddles out, oh and a bonus, we got to see one of our bunnies give birth! Pretty great day all round!

Do you ever plan lazy days?

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