Dear Aspen,

today you are 13, but that my love is just an age, neither your age, nor your name define you. Everything about you is unique. You may have my brown eyes, your father’s height, your great grandmothers nose, and  you may share the same strawberry hair as your sister, and humour with your brother, but there will always only be one you. I must have done something right in my life to be given the gift of raising you, and having you call me mummy.

From the time you were growing inside me you were strong, you were my little fighter. You have a fierce love for life and want to achieve everything as fast as possible. As a newborn you made it clear I wasn’t going to get away with just popping you down in your cot, you were determined to see the world in my arms. By 6 months you were such a chatter box, no I didn’t know what you were saying, but by gosh you had a lot to say. By 11 months you were running and I knew then there was no stopping you. I love that about you, the way you are driven, and how passionate you are to learn about, and see more of this world you live in.

Your kindness is one of the things that stands out the most about you, the way you always include anyone into your friendship group. If someone is lost, you are sure to find them. You are the first to help anyone out, they don’t even have to ask. You listen. You don’t rush people. You see when things are wrong and want to fix them, and it is hard for you to learn that sometimes not everything is black and white. You would heal the whole world if you could.

You are passionate about animals, and want to rescue them all, and you are also passionate about art, drawing, painting, and cooking, you are so creative. You love your siblings so much, and are such an amazing friend to them. One of my greatest joys is seeing the three of you playing and hearing your laughter fill our home. I am immensely proud of who you are! You light up the room, and your sense of humour is endless.

One thing I know for sure is anyone who has you in their life is better off because of it. 

You came into my life and made your presence known, and you filled every inch of my heart and world with light, love and pride. You are my everything. I know you worry at times that you are growing up, and things will change. You asked me just last night if you would still be my little girl? And I told you that no matter how old you get yo will always be my little girl. Don’t fear growing up, embrace it, you have so much to discover, and every year you get another year older I feel blessed that it is another year I have had to love you. I love watching the person you are becoming, it fills me with so much pride. I knew that I would love you because you are my daughter, but I love you even more because of the amazing person you are.

There is so much I want to teach you, show you, and help guide you through, but this is also your journey and I know over the next few years I will have to step back a little and let you learn your own way. But I will always be right here when you need me. I will always be your safe haven, your soft place to lay your head. My arms are always open and ready to embrace you into a long hug. That my gorgeous daughter will never change.

No mistake can ever be too big, or too bad, you can come to me with anything. You have such a great sense of who you are, and the person you aspire to be that I know if you look to your heart, you will always find the right answer. Don’t be afraid of change, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, live fully, embrace life and love, and learn all you can.

I am so proud to be your mum. I am so proud just to witness you grow up. We have such a strong bond, and that will always see us through. I love you more than I can ever write, or say. You truly take my breath away.

Happy 13th sweet girl, love always mummy xx 

Mother of Teenagers