One nice thing about getting ready to move home is the chance to restyle your life. Every home brings with it a fresh start and a chance to be as creative as you feel. Lately I have been feeling extremely creative, I have been excited by the opportunity to get out my interior design hat and play. I feel like a child given a fresh canvas to paint on, and I can’t wait to get decorating.


Our last home was much bigger than the one we are moving in to, and our new garden is also going to be much smaller than our last one. This is what happens when you move closer to the city, unless your bank balance is overflowing you need to downsize, and that is what we have chosen to do. You might think I would be disappointed that I had to give up my large home, but I am actually so excited about our new beginning that it doesn’t phase me at all. Funnily enough the thing I miss the most about the home we sold is my gum trees and my gorgeous native plants that attracted all the gorgeous native birds to our garden.love_birds

At first when I looked at the amount of ‘things’ we managed to fill our house with over the four years we were there I felt completely overwhelmed. It seemed like the task to sort and pack all our possessions was just too great! It’s like looking at a mountain and thinking how will I ever reach the top, or looking at a pile of ironing and thinking how did it get this high? I will never get there. But if you look at it as one item of clothing at a time, or one step at time, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming after all. So that is how I tackled it (with some help from a great friend and my mum), I looked at it as one box to fill at a time.

The best part was the culling process, finding new homes for our once treasured toys and other things. I am very sentimental so parting with things is hard for me, but I got myself into the right mindset and started donating, selling and giving away all the things that we no longer needed. Adam was only 1 when we moved into that house and so we had lots of baby things we no longer needed, (emotionally that was hard for me to process), we also had lots of toddler toys that April no longer played with.

I would describe it as a cleansing experience. It felt good to clear cupboards of clutter, and donate things that although were still perfectly good, we just no longer had room for in our lives. It almost makes you embarrassed when you look at the amount of things we purchase that are unnecessary, even clothes, I mean how many outfits do we need, do our kids need? I felt getting rid of the clutter was like a cleaning out of my soul. I grieved over the baby clothes that I would never need again, I held teddy bears that I had kept from my own childhood and said goodbye to them as I boxed them up to donate. I poured through old photo albums and only kept the photographs that really meant the most to me. It was like saying goodbye to the past and allowing room for new adventures and fresh air to flow into our lives. It actually felt amazing.

So now that we have decluttered we feel ready for our fresh start. Our new home is due for completion in 2 months so I am sending out positive vibes that this will happen. In the meantime I can plan away (and do a little shopping), and let my creative self out to play! I cannot tell you how excited I am by this. I have been reading interior design books and following interior design Instagram feeds to see what looks make me feel the happiest and most comfortable. I want our home to really represent who we are as individuals and as a family.

We had a beautifully decorated home before, but it was a country home and so I am ready to bring a bit more city into my life. I also feel I have changed in the past four to five years, both in my taste and in my personality. Well not so much changed, I would more describe it as I am more comfortable in my own skin and my own inner quirkiness. I feel free now to truly express myself through design and not worry so much if I’m on trend or someone else doesn’t like my style.

I purchased the most out there wallpaper the other week! I have always wanted wallpaper in my home, but never felt brave enough to go for it! But like I said it is time to embrace my quirky side and let my home reflect my personality. The wall paper is bright and a little retro, and every time I think about it I smile. Luckily for me hubby and the kids loved it too. Plus I think hubby was relieved I didn’t choose the $500 a roll wallpaper, yes my friends $500. And besides it’s for the powder room not the whole house or anything.

I showed my sister the wall paper and she thought it was hideous, she is not someone who knows how to be fake, if she doesn’t like something she tells me. We have totally different taste too. But it didn’t phase me at all, plus she was super sweet about it, just honest as well. I think I have grown up, once upon a time (not so long ago), I would have worried that someone didn’t like my style or my home, but now I feel free to just be me!

The kids have also had fun choosing wall prints, bedspreads and cushions to add their own style to their spaces. Luckily Aspen is still only 11 and doesn’t yet want to paint her entire room black. I mean I am all for self expression, but even I have my limits.

We have a lovely collection of art already, but we have decided to not buy anymore and instead we will use our own photographs as our wall art, just to add that personal touch and let’s face it cut costs as well. We are trying to source pieces of furniture that we love, that also don’t come with a ridiculous price tag, and we will add a couple of signature pieces that add that individual touch.

I would love to hear your thoughts on interior design. What has worked for you and what hasn’t? Do you have a favourite design blog you could share with me? What colour theme worked best for you? Do you style to please others or do you march to the beat of your own drum? Leave me a comment below, I’d love any advice!

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx


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