Every time I feel I get my bedroom closet in order I feel so much happier, I walk into it feeling like life is better somehow. Now it may just be a space that is for clothing, handbags and my jewellery, but when it is organised I feel better.

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But sadly it never seems to stay organised for very long. Before I know it some little mess fairy has found its way in there and wrecked havoc on my tidy space! That fairy may have brown hair, brown eyes and look just like me, but I am not confessing to anything!

. . . . .OK I will, yes it may be me. BUT in my defence I am tired by the end of the day, I take off things and I just can’t be bothered always putting them back to where they belong. I should, I know, maybe it is just laziness, but oh well I guess I will own that.

One thing though that makes a huge difference is getting rid of things I don’t like, wear or use anymore. My closet may not be super tidy all the time, but I am happy knowing that all the things in there are things I use and like. So here are a few things you can get rid of to make your closet a happier space, even if it’s not perfect.

  • Old handbags. We tend to hold onto these, maybe because they were expensive, or because it is the “one day I may use it again” bag. You think to yourself I may need one that size, or that colour “one day”! Old handbags take up loads of room, and unless you really have unlimited handbag space, then it is time to ditch those unused handbags. Besides most friends have a bag we can borrow for those one off occasions that we might need a certain bag for.
  • ‘The Dress’ we wore to a friends wedding. Most of us are guilty of buying a gorgeous new dress, or outfit for a special occasion. We may have even worn it to a few events, but let’s face it we are not going to wear it again. Yep it is time to go! Ditch those outfits you know you will not wear again, donating them too charity will give someone else the opportunity to enjoy them, and make you feel good for doing something for charity.
  • Things that don’t fit. Seriously why are they even in there?
  • Things you kept for sentimental reasons, may no longer have the same meaning as they did when you chose to keep them. It is time to rethink, and reevaluate what things still have sentimental meaning to you.
  • Things that aren’t even yours. Have you borrowed things that you haven’t returned? Think clothes, bags, jewellery. If there are things cluttering up your space that don’t even belong to you, then it is time you retuned them. You will feel better for finally retuning things, and you will have more space, double bonus.

Now I’m off to have a chat to that mess fairy!

Do you have any tips for having a more organised closet? Share them with us below.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx

One Messy Mama