As the sun rose across the ocean on a crisp spring morning we knew it was going to be a day to remember. 

With friends, family and a view like this how could it not be. It is so easy to get lost in my laptop, my need to tick everything off that never ending list of daily ‘must do’s’, and forget that days like this is just at my fingertips.

Sometimes I need to remind myself that as much as life is busy and setting an example to my children about good work ethics are important, so is getting back to nature and remembering that our world truly is beautiful. School, work, and commitments are all important parts of our life, but we need to embrace our happy, we need to get out, be active and play, those life lessons are just as important to teach our children.

I want my children to know balance, to know when to work hard, and when to take a moment to just have fun. 

I hope you have some fun planned for this upcoming week. Let me know what you love doing for fun in the comment section below.

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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