Our environment affects our mood that is no secret. I know for me when I am taking a walk through a forrest or along a beautiful peaceful beach I feel so relaxed, and reflective. When I am sitting by a fireplace whilst the rain pours down outside I feel safe and protected, and when I am surrounded by books in a intimate book store I feel inspired and at peace.




When I see a rainbow I feel like their is hope, I remember that life is a mixture of sunshine and rain and that is how we grow.


Wild waves and storms make me feel scared and yet exhilarated. They remind me that I am fragile, yet somehow I am also stronger than I believe.


And peaceful waters remind me that life is a gift and I am blessed to be here.


Our home environment is the same. What we surround ourselves with at home affects our mood just as much as being in nature does. If we are surrounded with mess, chaos and things we don’t like we feel stifled, we feel uninspired and we feel down. If our home is dark and gloomy we feel dark and gloomy ourselves. If our home is full of natural light, fresh air and things we love then we feel happier, more at peace and safer too.


So here are some tips to help put you in a better mood when you come home. 

  • Candles, diffusers or even better beautiful smelling flowers can instantly make you feel more relaxed! The way your home smells will influence how you feel in it. Light some candles when you come home and fill your home with the scents you love! Baking fresh bread, or cakes can also fill your home with comforting smells and give you yummy things to eat and share with your family, friends or just enjoy yourself.
  • The colours you choose also affect the mood in your home. Yellow is great for picking you up, making you feel happier and also helps with creativity. Blues calm you down and help you feel relaxed.
  • Natural light will make you feel happier and will make your home healthier. Open up your blinds, or replace dreary old blinds with light sheers. If the weather permits open windows and let your home breathe.
  • Put up photos from holidays or happy days. Seeing photographs from holidays can make you feel more relaxed as they bring back wonderful memories and feelings.
  • Slip of your shoes and have somewhere to store them away, throw on some cosy socks or go barefoot it will instantly help the day melt away.
  • Declutter! Read my decluttering post for inspiration.
  • Surround yourself with things that make you feel good. Books on your coffee table or bedside table can instantly relax you and encourage you to turn off the TV or stop looking at your phone. Take a tech break for at least an hour or more every evening. Don’t look at your phone, emails, Facebook or Twitter for 30 minutes before sleeping. Escaping with a fictional book can really relax you.
  • Add cosy cushions or throw rugs to your sofa, it will make you want to put your feet up and enjoy some ‘me’ time!






I hope these tips inspire you to make a few positive changes. You don’t need to go out and spend money and totally redecorate. By decluttering you will instantly feel better, open up your curtains and pick some flowers from your garden to bring inside, (or a friends garden). Pop a few photos up and enjoy your home.

Do you have any feel good home tips to share? If so leave me a comment below.

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Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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