In an ideal world I would close my front door and all the chaos of my life would suddenly disappear. I would kick of my heels and dive onto the softest sofa ever made and read for as long as I wish.

In my reality I walk in with 3 children in tow with school bags, basketballs, dirty lunch boxes and 3 dogs eagerly awaiting my attention. Dinner needs cooking, my floors need cleaning and everyone is trying to talk to me at once.

OK so reality looks a little different to fantasy, but if I am being honest I wouldn’t trade my reality for all the great books in the world, and that is saying a lot! The thing is though sometimes I really do need that quiet time, that moment where I can close my front door and shut everything out, but how can I create that in my home when I share it with 3 kids, and an array of animals including the husband!

My sanity relies on some ‘me time’, I am not trying to be selfish, or say that I don’t adore being around my family, however I am an introvert and if I don’t get some down time I feel so mentally exhausted, and then I am no good for anyone. My trick is creating some serene spaces within my home and garden where I can go when I am feeling a little overwhelmed, and my family benefits from this too, as they can use these spaces to relax also.

For me it is not always about adding things to these areas, sometimes it is actually about removing things that are cluttering up the space an therefore cluttering up my mind. Here are just a few tips I use to create some serenity amongst the chaos.

  • if you don’t have the passion to declutter the entire house, just declutter a couple of small spaces. Be that a corner in your bedroom where you can rest, or a space in your living room.
  • remove all the items from the area/s you chose that you do not like, that do not spark joy, or do not inspire relaxation.
  • a great idea is to add a super comfy chair, or even some floor cushions. Choose a colour palate you love for this area. Relaxing blues, soft lemons or dusty pinks work great.
  • add a soft throw blanket and comfy cushions to this area.

  • a plant will add some extra serenity.
  • If you have the room add an inspirational print on the wall, or some great holiday snaps that bring you to a happy place in your mind.
  • grab some ear phones and relax listening to music, or a meditation app. Or put ear muffs on and read a book, or two . . .
  • turn yourself away from any visible mess.
  • if your kids won’t leave you alone, put on a timer, tell them if they leave you in peace for (whatever time is age appropriate) you will be so happy that you will  . . . . for example, read to them, watch their favourite show with them, take them out for a walk, or even bribe them with chocolate lol.  You can also set them up first with an easy activity they enjoy and won’t need your help with. Save up their favourite episode of a TV show for when you need this time out.
  • remember we all need a little down time, know you deserve this and even if it is only ten minutes you will feel better for it!


Garden spaces can work just as well too, make a little garden sanctuary with some lovely trees and /or plants and add a chair where you can read. There really is no limits, get creative and like I said, remember you deserve this!

Most importantly put your phone on silent whilst relaxing, no social media and no news stories.

Do you have any tips to add?

please feel free to leave me a comment below, I always read every one.


Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx