It amazes me how some of the most beautiful flowers can grow in a desert, these flowers bloom despite the harsh conditions. When I was a little girl, around 9, we took a family holiday to Uluru Australia. We went walking in the desert and we came across wild flowers covering the land as far as we could see. A blanket of soft lilac and lemon flowers. I remember my sister and I picking them and decorating our straw sun hats. It was a vision that has never left me.

I was truly blessed to have witnessed such a sight. The fact that flowers can bloom in such conditions should remind us that when we go through tough times, when we are starved or neglected by love, we should not give up. Flowers are a sign of hope. Flowers are an example to us of how something so delicate, so beautiful, so precious can weather storms, survive drought and endure extreme heat. We are like a flower. At times we face devastating life conditions, pain that makes us want to curl up into a tiny ball, retreat into our bud like state, and hide.

That pain, those disappointments and heartbreaks don’t have to destroy us though. It’s OK to take our time, to curl up for a while, to cry. It is so important to remember our strength and our inner beauty. It is paramount that we bloom again! The flowers that bloom after drought, that rise after hardship are the most magnificent flowers of all.


To bloom is to grow.

To grow is to learn.

To learn is to live.

To live is to love.

To love is to blossom.

To blossom is to be beautiful. 



It is all up to you! You have to allow yourself to bloom. You have to believe that you deserve it. Do not be afraid to allow yourself to emerge from your bud. It can be scary to leave the safety of what you have always known, the familiar. Just because something is familiar, or it made you happy in the past, does not mean it is what will make you happy now, or in your future. Allow yourself to grow, let others around you grow with you. The only way your dreams can come true is if you allow yourself to open up to the world around you.

In order to have everything you desire you need to open yourself up,

you need to bloom.

Let others see your true beauty, and you will start to see that you are truly amazing. The more you allow yourself the freedom to be you, the more others will feel free to be themselves with you. It starts with you. Change, growth, learning, love and life, they all start within you. It is time for you to bloom.


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