She is growing up and I am not sure I am ready, will I ever be?

Part of me is truly loving watching her grow, seeing friendships develop, and watching her embracing  independence. But I have always been number one in her life, (of course she is super close to her dad, they have an awesome bond), but when she is sad, or scared, it was my arms and words that always brought her comfort. And truth be told she still turns to me when she is most worried. But lately I feel her heading more towards her friends, suddenly my opinion on clothing really doesn’t matter because clearly as if a mum could have any sense of style, what was I thinking???!!!

The way she acts now when her friends are around is different, the little touches of ‘coolness‘ are appearing and having mum around is just not really that cool. Her voice changes too, it isn’t rude, it is just different. She is only 13, but her feet are now bigger than mine, and she is almost as tall, many of her friends are now taller than me. I know I am not very tall, but I’m five foot 4 inches so I am not exactly tiny, what do kids eat these days? Gosh I sound old now!

Like I said there is real beauty in witnessing my daughter become her own person (although right now it is more like watching every girl try and be the same as each other, matching shoes, matching brand obsession, matching bracelets), but it is all part of being accepted and feeling like you fit in I guess, whilst trying to discover who you are. Confusing times! Am I sacred?? Oh YES I am terrified, sometimes I barely recognise my little girl who used to know all the words to the Little Mermaid! But she is there, I see glimpses, and I truly hope I always will.

Do you have a tween or teen? How are you coping? Any tips? 

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