Parenthood is beautiful, inspiring, messy, confusing, hilarious, frustrating, joyful and colourful. Nothing inspires me to be the best version of myself quite like being a mum. Not only does motherhood inspire me to take the best care of my children, but also to take the best care of myself and lead by example of what loving ourselves should look like. Admittedly this isn’t always the easiest thing to achieve, but it is important as parents to remember that the way we think of ourselves, talk to ourselves and celebrate ourselves does directly correlate with how they will also think of themselves, (no pressure). So whether it is finding joy in our careers, taking time to read a good book, taking time to walk our dogs or soak in a bath, it is important that we model self care.

A good way to think about what you need more of for yourself is to think about the things you enjoyed as a child when you had free time. Often when we take time to look back at some of our most cherished childhood memories, or think about times we felt safe and nurtured it can help to remind us of the things we are missing out on now. For example for me I felt happiest when I was climbing trees or exploring nature, and now when I am having a stressful day I find a walk in nature, or even looking at images of beautiful big Gum Trees, or forests really help to calm me. Take some time today to think back to your favourite childhood places, or hobbies you loved and see if you can schedule in some ‘you time’!

this little adventurous spirit was captured by @100adventureswithj.

Given my love for nature, I have decided to base this months favourite mummy shot images on my own love of trees and nature. Here are my favourite images from #mummyshot in June.

These adorable little nature lovers were photographed by the following Instagramers, if you not familiar with their feeds check them out . . . .

@nisforneiva. @littlemuddyfootprints.

@verymuchsoblog. @3littleladiesandme.

Thank you to everyone who tags #mummyshot, it is such a wonderful community!

What are some of your favourite places, foods, or memories from your childhood that still make you feel nurtured as an adult?

Mac xx