Is it just me, or is it getting crazy lately? This whole lead up to the end of school/kindergarten year, it seems like everyday there is something on and I’m feeling a little overwhelmed, is it just me? Silly question, I think most parents feel this way! With 3 kids, and all their activities, and friends parties it’s always kind of, (okay A LOT) hectic, but lately it feels like it’s out of control.

We have school concerts, school Art show, choir performances, the school disco, the girls have their full on Dance schedule pre-concert rehearsals and the end of year concert in a couple of weeks, (where did 2014 go?) My talented Aspen has been asked to perform her solo dance at the schools most important Performing Arts Gala (a huge honour, we are so proud of you beautiful girl!) So there is extra rehearsals for that too. Maybe I wouldn’t be so stressed if my kids were actually all healthy right now, especially poor Aspen! Aspen has pulled her Achilles tendon, she has been on crutches for a week, she has been sitting on the sidelines unable to rehearse with her friends at dancing, (not happy,) but she is finally off the crutches today, Yippee! Her big performance in the Gala is tomorrow (please hold up little foot!) And to top it off she’s full of a cold! Oh yes, runny nose, feeling tired, puffy eyes, scratchy throat, asthma playing up (add ventolin to my ever growing pile of medicines on the benchtop!)

I just want to scream at the universe WHY NOW! Come on universe, seriously give the poor kid a break, (and her mother’s stress levels a break too). She has been given this amazing opportunity and now she’s sick! I guess in the grand scheme of life, she and I are lucky, it’s nothing serious or life threatening, (thank you universe), but still we are all entitled to a little whinge now and then, (aren’t we? Say yes, say YES!)

So yes it’s a crazy, full on time of the year, my son has all his little, but very important kinder things on too (they made orange pancakes for Halloween, yes orange, sounds delicious right? Come on you know you want one! He informed me happily that they just tasted like “normal” pancakes.) They have their Christmas performance coming up, and on top of that we have our “preparation for school check list,” yep, it’s a whole checklist of fun. Uniform fittings, orientation days, parent information nights, tours, eye cheeks, return completed book list, label everything (including underwear), read information booklet,  make sure they know how to tie shoelaces (seriously not going to happen,) can recognise their own name written down, (all good there,) unpack lunch, dress themselves, etcetera, etcetera . . .

On my own personal “preparation for my youngest child going to school checklist” I have included the following,


  1. buy oversized sunglasses
  2. pack extra large box of tissues (for myself, not the child)
  3. find a fabulous psychologist and schedule regular appointments
  4. hide my credit card (in case I am tempted to shop away my sorrows)
  5. disconnect internet to stop me posting depressing facebook posts
  6. purchase Valium (better do this before I hide credit card from self!)
  7. try to look on the bright side! (But he’s my baby!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  8. learn meditation techniques (breathe in, slowly, breathe out)
  9. organise birth control (as may be tempted to create child number 4)


OK Mac, calm down! You still have about 2 and a half months before he starts! (Yes it’s official I am crazy, I am talking to myself! We all do this, yes?)

So yes it’s a crazy time of year, and I still have to start the Christmas shopping, but it’s a wonderful time of year too! I love the kinder Christmas parties and watching my girls dance, and listening to their sweet voices singing in the choir, especially the Christmas carols. So hectic? Yes! Wonderful? Yes! Just hoping we all come out on the other side unscathed and with smiles on our faces!

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

PS: please let me know I’m not the only insane mummy out there by leaving me a comment below!