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None of us are perfect, yet we are perfectly us. Being perfectly us doesn’t make us immune to making mistakes, because we are meant to make mistakes. Without mistakes there is no growth, there is no lessons learned, there is no room to improve, life without mistakes is a life that is stagnant and let’s face it no one wants to be that stagnant pond covered in algae. We want to be that following clear sparkling water that is full of life and vitality. We want to be the flowing water from which we can freely drink, we want to dip our toes in, or jump in and and see clear to the bottom, we want to fill it with colourful fish and vibrant plants that grow breathtaking flowers. We can not be fresh, alive and happy without making mistakes. 

We often put way too much pressure on ourselves to seek some unrealistic ideal of perfection. We think that we would be happier if we had never made a mistake, but we are wrong to think that. Mistakes are what drives us to work harder, to find a better answer, to seek new ways of doing things or a new path to follow. Past relationships that we now see as mistakes were the ones that made us grow stronger and seek a better partner, or helped us realise we are worth so much more than we first believed.

We are way too good at self sabotage, we make a mistake and we want to crawl into a hole and hide, we say things like “I’m no good at that, why did I bother? How did I ever think something good could happen to me?”

But what if something good did just happen and you are ignoring it? What if making that mistake was a “good thing”?

It is normal, and healthy to be disappointed when we don’t achieve something we thought we should have. But use this disappointment to empower you rather than defeat you. Turn that disappointment into your tool for growth and change! Let it fuel you to fight even harder for what you want. Use mistakes as fuel, see them as a victory because from them you have learnt so much! Take what you have learnt and refocus yourself.

Get up and try again!

The greatest people in their felids have failed, they just didn’t give up. The ones that gave up are the ones living with regret. Don’t ever give up. Your focus may need to change slightly, your dream may start as one idea, like starting with a tree trunk,


and yet as you make mistakes you grow branches


which lead to leaves


and even flowers,


and when you stand back and look at what you have created you realise you have a beautiful tree, and that is so much more than the trunk you thought you wanted in the first place.

Remember that mistakes are vital to our growth, mistakes are how we learn, so next time you make a mistake embrace it, and keep going.

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx