You know how somedays you are just feeling great! You look around and the world is so beautiful that you can’t help but smile. You almost feel like you could skip through your day!

image by @the_dots_and_me. 

Days when you just feel full of positive vibes, the sun is shining, your friendships are fantastic, you can’t stop laughing and life just feels really good! You feel beautiful, life is beautiful, but how can you keep these good vibes flowing?

What happens when those good vibes turn to worries and doubt, when you get in that funk? Well here are a few tips to hopefully keep those positive vibes flowing in!

Try to stay in the present moment is tip number one. Dwelling on the past, or worrying about things yet to happen is a waste of time. Try and stay in the moment, enjoy how you feel right now.

It is so engrained in us to ‘want more,’ try say “I have enough” and see how it can make you feel more positive! That is tip number two.

Tip three is try and use the word “lesson,” instead of “failure!”

A little shift is how we talk can be all that is needed to keep those good vibes flowing, think about your vocabulary, as I mentioned above try using lesson instead of failure, this goes for many other words too! Talk with positivity and even excitement about your day, or the activity you are engaged in. Tip four is catch yourself when you feel yourself entering negative territory with your words, and quickly shift back. You will notice your mood shift immediately!

Tip five is embrace new opportunities, and keep an open mind, don’t put your ideas and thoughts into a box! Be willing to let positive new ways of thinking and seeing the world into your life.

Remember the more positively you look at the world, and your part in it, the more you can keep those happy feelings and positive vibes coming your way.

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