So we have officially rung in the new year with promises of a healthier lifestyle, and dumping old habits whilst embracing new possibilities! Or maybe we are just happy sticking with what’s already working for us. Either way there are always good habits in life that can make us live healthier and happy any time of year, so I thought I would share some with you today!


  • Gratitude. I am starting off with gratitude because it really is so influential to how happy or unhappy you feel. If you can’t be grateful for the things in your life, you simply can not experience happiness fully. Gratitude means being thankful, showing appreciation for the people and ‘things’ in your life that bring you joy. It helps us live a more fulfilled life and it reduces stress levels. When we look at our day with a thankful heart we can not focus on the negatives. Negative energy causes us great stress, it makes us unhappy, grumpy and even rude. But when we open our mind to gratitude we find it easier to deal with stresses, and focus on the good in our day. Being thankful shifts our focus to look at all the good things we have in our life right now, and in turn that makes not only us happier, but our loved ones too! Walk around with grateful heart and mind and watch how much your mood and life improves!
  • Fresh air and getting outdoors. Ok so the weather is not always what we want it to be, but unless there is a major heat wave, or you are snowed in, there is no excuse to not enjoy the outdoors. Even if it is a ten minute walk it will improve your mood, clear your lungs, pump good endorphins through your body, and a change of scenery is always a great way to brighten your day!
  • Go minimal. It is time to let go of things that clutter your mind, and your environment. I recently finished a book lent to me by a friend, it is called “the life-changing magic of tidying” by Marie Kondo. I consider myself a tidy (ish) person, and I always thought I am great at decluttering, but this book was truly eye opening. In many ways it reinforced many habits I already have, (like only surrounding myself with things I love and things and people that make me happy), but it also gave me some fresh ideas. I thought it may just be about how to clean, but it really isn’t at all. It is more about changing some habits that make you have to clean less! Yes seriously. If you are looking for an easy read with great ideas, then I recombined this book to you. If you don’t want a whole book to read, read my post on “decluttering”. Or I highly recommend my post “Is it Time to Embrace Change?” You will also find a great link there to declutter some of those “friends” you no longer need.
  • Kindness: A bit like gratitude, kindness should be practiced daily. Kindness towards yourself and towards others. Compliment yourself, nurture yourself and realise that it is good to put yourself first! The kinder you are to yourself, the easier it will become to treat others with kindness too. Give others well deserved compliments, making others feel good in turn makes you feel good. The bonus is the happier and kinder you are, the happier and kinder others are, it’s a circle of success!

There are many other great things to incorporate into your day, and/or week to be happier and healthier, like exercise, healthy eating, (treating yourself too of course, cake is a must), meditation, and of course following your passions! But for today I will leave you with that! Stay tuned to my blog and my youtube channel this year for more inspirational tips, and ways to embrace a happier lifestyle. Don’t forget you can sign up to receive emails from me too. Oh and don’t forget to pop over to follow me on Instagram where I share my favourite pics and tips for a happy, beautiful life! 

Wishing you wonderful 2017

Thanks for joining me, love Mac xx

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