One word, yet it encompasses so much. Happiness is, put simply a state of being happy. But what does that mean for you, and for me? 

Happiness is living,

loving the life you lead.

It is daffodils and sunshine,

it is raindrops on my cheek.

Happiness is faith,

believing there are better days,

not giving up when the storm hits,

but believing rainbows will appear.

Happiness is comfort,

that warm hug,

or cup of tea,

and the ability to just be me.

Happiness is comfy socks,

that cosy blanket,

or a teddy bear,

it is knowing that someone cares.

Happiness is a walk through a forest,

dancing on the beach,

exploring cities new to me,

or visiting far away friends.

Happiness is music,

writing stories,

drawing a picture with my children,

or reading them a beautiful book.

Happiness is motivation,

never giving up on dreams,

it is believing in my authentic self,

and being honest no matter what.

Happiness is yummy cake,

chocolate melting in my mouth,

it is the warmth of coffee on a cold day,

and the smell of freshly baked bread.

Happiness is my children,

their smiles,

their laughter,

and the smell of their hair.

Happiness is knowing myself,

loving who I am.

It is being who I am meant to be,

it is finding inner peace.

Happiness is helping others,

rescuing a stray cat.

It is caring for the world we live in,

and believing we can make a difference.

Happiness is knowing I am worthy,

of love,

of life,

of happiness.


It is not always easy to feel happy, to have unshakable faith that everything will turn out. There are dark days for all of us, the most important thing is to find that faith, to believe a positive change is coming. You are not your past, the things that happened to you, or the wrong choices you may have made do not define you now, or in your future. You deserve happiness! You have the power, more power than you know. You are where it all begins, that happiness you seek is inside of you. You are what you choose to become, and what you choose to believe.

Do not let anyone shake that belief, and do not be the one to squash your own dreams. Don’t ever give up on yourself, and do not tell yourself you can’t do what it is that will make you happy.


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