Hey everybody it’s me Holly-Rose, you know the *cutest dog ever*! Of course you know, everybody knows me.

Well today mummy’s letting me use her computer (yes I am a doggy genius who can type and lots more), and I am writing today’s blog! Why? Well more like why not? I am cute, talented, smart, can type, can speak, surf, lift weights, did I mention cute? Yes I am cute, the cutest actually. Oh and also it is my birthday, yes I am officially 21! I am getting the keys to the city!

Look how excited you all are!

Hang on a minute mummy hasn’t even given me the key to our house yet? Maybe she is confused? Maybe she thinks I am only 3? Does she not understand that I am 21 in doggy years? Is that why she still treats me like some kind of puppy child!?

She’s all like;

“Holly-Rose you can’t walk off your lead!”

“Holly-Rose you can’t answer the door by yourself!”

“Holly-Rose don’t poop on the neighbours lawn!”

Does she not understand I am now considered a responsible adult? How long is she going to hold it against me when I escaped that time and I went to the park by myself whilst they were all out!? I mean what does she expect, they went out all day without me, I was lonely, bored, and usually they leave me inside, but no they thought they could leave me outside with the other dogs like I am going to hang around all day with them! Seriously mummy you are out of your mind? So I took it upon myself to go to the park and roll in mud, bark whenever I felt like it, poop on anyone’s lawn I wanted too! Then this nice lady found me and took me home to her place and bathed me. I even got to hang out on her couch until mummy came for me! Best day EVER!

Actually I must confess I have had lots of great days with my family, they are not so bad, I mean when I was a puppy they brought me pretty cool toys.

I got pretty pamperedEven if sometimes I am not quite sure I loved it?

…. yeah life with a five year old boy wasn’t always easy, sometimes he put on his sisters pjs and well let’s just say I thought he may be a bit strange?

…but, actually he is pretty awesome and totally adores me, of course! I am cute, did I mention that?

Oh did I mention I was an adorable puppy?

Although there have been a few days I didn’t look quite this fabulous.

…. and then days arrived where I felt quite lost, like when I was no longer their only pet child, I had to question what were these furry things? And was I no longer enough for them?

This weighed heavily on my poor little shoulders, I contemplated leaving, packing my bags and heading off on the greatest doggy adventure of all time!

Maybe I would go to DOGGYWOOD? After all I heard they changed the name to name it after me! HOLLYWOOD

….. but I couldn’t break the children’s hearts, plus they did let me do fun stuff, so they are not too bad to live with.

I do love how they let me run and run,

…… and I get to show off my talents

Watch me dance by clicking on the link below . .

Holly DogBlog Dancing ChaCha from Mackenzie Glanville on Vimeo.

They are pretty lucky to have me, and I am pretty lucky to have them . . . I guess, even if they do still treat me like I just turned 3!

I am not just cute you know, did I mention I am The *cutest dog ever*? I am pretty clever too, and this girl knows (shhh don’t tell mummy though), that I am onto a good thing.

Life’s not bad

Just remember don’t tell my mummy that, shhhhhhhh . . . . .

That’s all for now, oh but please feel free to send any gifts and cards you desire, but only if the cards are made from doggy treats, or cat poop, did I mention  love cat poop, but mummy won’t let me eat it, I am not sure why? So if you mail me cat poop make sure you disguise it well. You can pretend it is broccoli!

OK I better give her back the computer now, plus I need to go to the loo;

bow wow for now, hugs and licks Holly *cutest doggy doctor ever*