It’s no secret that we all get in a slump now and then, yes even those perky people who seem to be on a constant caffeine high have their down moments. I commented in my last post that I have been a little run down, and I had a bit of a moan, a ‘poor me‘ moment I guess you could say. Well toady it’s time to pick myself up and give myself a little spring clean! (Yes I know it is not Spring).

Here is what I did!

Changed my thinking. Instead of negative self talk I switched back to positive. I was busy putting myself down for having a moan when I have so much to be grateful for.  But it’s OK to allow ourselves to moan now and again. We all have bad days, days where it feels like we are not achieving. That’s OK!!!! It really is, I mean yes there are so many people worse off than us, but it is OK to sometimes wallow in self pity. The key is to not stay there too long! Give yourself permission to have a bad couple of days!

Got back to my life. Sometimes when we feel down and miserable we feel like hiding away from the world. (I was sick so hiding away for a couple of days was wise, no one wanted my germs), but if we stay away for too long we can begin to find it hard to get back into life. The minute you are beginning to feel better get yourself back into the game! Head back to work, have coffee with a friend. The more isolated we are the lower our mood, so make sure you spend some time with people who cheer you up.

Looked after my health. Both mentally and physically. When you have been sick it can really affect your mood, so you not only need to look after yourself physically, but mentally as well. Drink loads of water, eat fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables. My lovely friend made me soup, soup is great when you are feeling under the weather. Rest up! Get fresh air!!! Being outdoors really improves our mood and increases good endorphins. Say no to people who are draining you, take the time you need to get better. Don’t rush yourself, and don’t put yourself down for needing some rest!


If you are anything like me, you will find it hard to focus on yourself without feeling guilty, but the truth is we all need a break. Listen to your body, slow down, we don’t need everything to be perfect, we don’t need to say yes to everything and everyone 100% of the time. It is not selfish to say “I need a rest”. If you are reading this and thinking to yourself I really am feeling worn out then try doing at least 2 of the things listed below.

  • go for a slow walk
  • play with your pet
  • make yourself a cup of tea, sit down and sip it slowly
  • take a bath with bubbles
  • call a friend for a chat just because
  • watch that show you taped
  • put on some music and dance
  • read a chapter of your book
  • hug your partner, your child, your friend
  • meet a friend for coffee
  • have a massage
  • play sport
  • plant some new plants in your garden
  • drink a large glass of water
  • go outside and look at the sky
  • ride your bike
  • make a smoothie
  • buy some flowers for your home
  • write a letter to anyone, even your younger self or future self
  • buy fresh baked bread
  • make cookies
  • paint a picture
  • scroll through instagram accounts that you find soothing
  • declutter your bedroom
  • have a shower
  • water the garden
  • say 10 things to yourself that are positive
  • get out and be part of nature


Give yourself permission to take care of you without feeling guilty.

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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