Over the past month life has quite literally been a rollercoaster, we took our first family trip that was all about theme parks. We always aim to fit in quality family time, but during the school terms it is so hard to get that time, (other than around the dinner table) where we are all together just having fun! Sure we fit in some weekend fun, but between school, homework, Dance, Taekwondo, Art class, Music practice and Basketball it isn’t always successful. It is not only time constraints though, it is just being tired, and not just us parents, but the kids as well. Sometimes we just want to vegetate. Sometimes I just want a cuppa and something good on Netflix.

Holidays don’t come cheap, and to be honest my children just love when we are away and not distracted by work and iPhones, so they don’t mind if it is an inexpensive trip, but we decided to go all out and do something completely different. My husband, Aspen and Adam are daredevils, whereas April and I preferred the smaller rollercoasters and some other more ‘family friendly’ rides. There was one where we were in a spaceship with 3D glasses and had to shoot weird starfish looking creatures that was a lot of fun. The water theme park was a big hit too, it had been a while since I’d been on waterslides! We were also lucky enough to have beach time and just really immerse ourselves in all the fun a holiday can bring.

Here are a few holiday snaps.

The hardest part is always getting back to reality. Although there is a beauty in coming home I have to admit I have felt quite flat. Almost like I am in a bit of a fog, I am  just feeling a lack of motivation. I guess it is natural given instead of spending days laughing, snorkelling, and riding rides whilst listening to my children’s screams of delight, I am now being taxi driver to and from school and activities, doing piles of washing and sweeping my floor every five minutes (dark floorboards area killer, they show every bit of dust!) #parentlife Some days I just want to hop back on a plane and fly away again.

I do manage to find joy in everyday chaos, and I truly cannot actually complain about my life, it’s pretty great! I just hate being in this funk. I actually get a little annoyed at myself as I feel selfish for complaining when I am so blessed. I know though that it is OK to have a moment of feeling like crap before I find a way to lift myself from this mood. You know how ‘people’ say if Christmas or your birthday was everyday it wouldn’t be so much fun, do you think it would be the same being on endless holidays?????? Seriously I’d love to know what you think. Anyway enough of me moaning, I think a good walk with the dogs will lift my spirits! What do you do to get yourself out of a funk?

Mac xx