Have you ever captured a photograph of your child from behind and realised just how magical it looks? Or your baby’s tiny perfect feet or hands, and just been in awe of their beauty?  We spend much of our parenting lives snapping away with our cameras and phones, taking endless photographs of these amazing little people in our lives, these little people who have changed our world forever.

“father and son”

I love this quote by Elizabeth Stone

Sometimes I watch my children from distance, and am just in awe that I get to guide this little person through life, at times the responsibility is overwhelming, but wow, what a blessing it is to be a parent.

Many of us share happily photographs of our children online. On Facebook, Instagram, and on our blogs. It was something when I first started blogging that I didn’t feel comfortable with, in fact I didn’t even share a photo of myself for a long time. But gradually I started sharing more, and more photos. But still sometimes the most precious photos are those that capture an emotion without showing their sweet faces.

Like this photograph of my son ready for his first sleepover at his Uncles house. He packed all his favourite teddy bears and managed to fill a big case, even though it was only an overnight stay. He was so excited, and I captured this as he walked out the front door onto the deck. I didn’t need to see his face to know how he felt.

As a parent I am sure you have many images of your children that capture this feeling. And that is why the lovely Catie from Diary Of An Imperfect Mum decided to create the Instagram Community Mummy Shot.

It is all about capturing emotion, or a story without seeing your child’s full face in the photograph.

Here is a quote from Catie talking about what Mummy Shot is all about.

“Do you have a phone full of back of the head shots too. Come and share them with us on IG using the #MummyShot.
This community is for any image that tells a story or captures an emotion without showing the face. All you need to do to join in is tag your IG photo using #MummyShot
I look forward to finding lots of fabulous new Instagrammers and building a supportive, friendly community.” 

Like Catie said, all you have to do is tag your Instagram photos with #MummyShot, we are so excited to see all your gorgeous photos, oh and of course dads can join in too!

Here are some more of my own personal favourite Mummy shot photos.

“in her own world”

 “growing up”


We would love you to join us, and help us spread the word by joining in on Instagram, or by tweeting 

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