When I was 20 the idea of being 30 scared me. There was so much I had to achieve before the dreaded age of 30. Meeting the man of my dreams was one of those goals. It wasn’t that I was desperate to be loved, it was more that I felt like I would be a failure if I wasn’t married with a house and some kids by 30. Admittedly back then I thought 30 was pretty old.

As a 20 year old you think you know so much, you have this idea of what life will be at every major milestone age of your life. You imagine your career, your husband and children, it’s all there in front of you. Isn’t it?

Life has a way of just happening. Unexpectedly things kind of ‘pop up’ and suddenly your course changes. These things can create mayhem or unexpected joy. I guess a lot of the way you take change depends on your attitude towards it. Change is always difficult when you try and fight it, but if you embrace it and go with its flow it can lead you to wonderful new experiences.


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I think that it can be those steadfast goals we are unable to see past that can make change such a painful experience for us. When you imagine your life can only be happy if A leads to C, then when B happens in a different way than you think it should, you think you will never get to C. When you imagine your future mapped out in an exact way then you are bound to be disappointed if it doesn’t turn out that way. The thing is, there are many ways for B to unfold. You can still reach your goal, you can still get to C, it just may be a different route than you considered.

When I was in a serious relationship at 23 I thought he was the man I would marry, only plans changed and I realised this wasn’t the relationship I wanted for the rest of my life. I will admit that I was devastated, despite knowing it was the right thing for both of us and still being great friends. The hardest part was the unknown, what was going to happen and would I meet someone new? I had been in this relationship for years so it was a big adjustment leaving him.

I think a lot of the time when we grieve a loss, we are not just grieving what was, but more what could have been. We have lost a certain future and replaced it with an uncertain one.  But I decided I wasn’t going to stop living, I decided to embrace change and set myself new goals and head out on new adventures. What I didn’t know was that I would meet the love of my life 3 months later.

At 30 I looked at life differently, suddenly 30 didn’t seem so old any more, I mean at least it wasn’t 40 right? But looking back on my twenties I realised that so much had happened, yet I was in such a hurry to get married and make babies that I don’t think I really spent enough time just enjoying ‘the moments’.

Now I at 38 I am able to enjoy moments more. I don’t feel I am in such a hurry to wish my life away, and 40 doesn’t feel old any more.

40 actually seems wonderful!

At 10, the age of 20 seemed so old and wise. At 20, the age of 30 seemed so old and scary. And at 30, 40 seemed over the hill. But suddenly it all seems so silly. Worrying about age, setting goals based on how old I am, or saying I have to have done X, Y and Z by whatever age just seems ridiculous.

I am not scared to get older. I am actually excited. Another year older means another year lived. Another year lived means more awesome experiences, new lessons learned and a life lived to the fullest. 40 no longer scares me, but neither does 50, 60, 70 or even 80. And let’s face it if I make 90 I will be throwing myself a party! I look at my brother who is heading towards 50 and he doesn’t seem any older than me. I look at mother who is 67 and she is still strong and beautiful and looking for adventure. My dad who is almost 68 played at the Australian Open Tennis this year against a 16 year old club champion to prove that age has no bearing on your ability. My in laws are equally amazing in their 70’s.

My opinion of ageing has changed over the years, as has my opinion on life. I no longer set goals that I need to achieve in order to feel accomplished. I now look at everyday as a new day and a new opportunity to embrace life and live each day noticing and appreciating the little things.


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This weeks Friday Reflections prompts offered up the opportunity to go back and write about a prompt that I previously haven’t written about. I decided to embrace this opportunity and chose the prompt from May 8, “what does growing older mean to me”? Growing older means “living”, the older I get, the more I have lived. I love learning and growing, and getting older means more opportunities to do both of these. 

I have touched upon in my previous post Impossible to Forget and also in Fields of Joyabout the loss of my beautiful friend in her early 30’s. Losing someone you love so tragically and so young makes you embrace life in a different way. I think of all the things she misses out on every day, and I am so grateful to be here living, loving and laughing. There are days that are horrible, days I don’t feel like getting out of bed and embracing the day, in fact I want to punch some days in the face lol, but then I hear a bird singing, or the kettle boiling. My children run in and hug me, or interrupt my peaceful shower time, I see their faces, sometimes grumpy and sleepy, but most of the time smiling up at me, and I am so grateful for every moment. 

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Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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