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When was the last time you laid down on the grass, looked at the sky, and dreamed that anything was possible?

Last week I sat and listened to a wise woman talking about learning to fly. Only of course she wasn’t literally meaning we can sprout wings and soar. She was referring to letting go of our baggage, or the things that are burdening us. She spoke of how letting go of our burdens and sharing them with others makes us lighter, and how we can become a new person.

Sitting there and listening to her it took me back to a place I was in early 2014. It wasn’t a place I wanted to be, my burden was so heavy that I honestly felt it was a struggle to get out of bed each day. I was lost, completely overwhelmed and uncertain. I wasn’t sure how to face the future, and I wasn’t excited for it.

Everything around me felt so fragile, things where changing quicker than I was ready for.

I was resisting change.

I felt robbed of time, things were out of my control and I was fighting a loosing battle. Whether I liked it or not things were changing and would continue to change. Time and circumstance can not be stopped, so I had no choice but to accept what was happening.

My mind and body were fighting against accepting change and I was exhausted.

Not the exhausted I complain about now after a busy day, the exhausted that makes you want to crawl up and sleep until you can wake up and realise it’s all been a bad dream, and you can do it all over again, only better. Of course that was never going to happen, I can’t reverse time, I can’t slow it, I can not stop change, so I had to find a way to accept it.

The truth was that I was scared of change and yet if I had stayed in the status quo I would have stayed unhappy. It wasn’t change that I was so scared of, is was failure. I was scared that if I took up new challenges that I would fail at them. I was convinced that if change came it meant bad things, because deep down I didn’t believe in myself and I did not love myself.

I didn’t believe I deserved good things. (Now in hindsight this thought was totally irrational, because I was a good person who deserved good things, but at that time I can honestly tell you I didn’t believe that at all!) It saddens me that I thought so little of myself, and I am sharing this with you because I want you got know that you too deserve good things, and that change can bring amazing things into your life! 

If you are living a life where you are resisting change, or holding yourself back, then you are never going to be happy. It really is that black and white.

Life is evolving, change is happening around us every day, it is an unstoppable force.

So the key to happiness is to grow with it, to evolve. But first you need to find acceptance. Accept things will change, and accept yourself. You need to accept it is time that you loved yourself, time you treated yourself with warmth and kindness. And time you accept that you deserve happiness. When you open your heart to change, when you open your heart to self love, then you will finally find out that you can fly. 

When you love who you are you are giving yourself the freedom to explore what makes you unique and embrace all those qualities rather than seeing them as faults. When we live with a burden we carry it around like a weight on our shoulders. But when we start loving ourselves suddenly we realise it was not a burden, it is a gift. For example I used to see my sensitivity as one of my many faults, but it is part of what makes me a good writer, it is what makes me a caring friend and mother, now that I embrace that part of myself I can use it to help others, and than is truly a gift!

In early 2014 I wasn’t ready for change, I wasn’t ready to see what gifts I had to offer, but when you come so close to rock bottom you have a choice to make. You have to stay stuck or you have to embrace change. I chose to embrace change, I chose to see myself as worthy of love, I chose to see my burdens as gifts and to share those gifts with everyone. I chose to be a stronger woman, a role model to my children, I chose not to hide away, but instead to embrace what I had to offer and share it with the world.

I am not the person I was back then, I have embraced change, and I have evolved into who I was always meant to be, my authentic self.


If you are reading this and you are thinking in any way that you don’t deserve good things, or you aren’t good enough, then please know that those thoughts are not your truth. You do deserve great happiness, you do deserve to follow your passions and you do deserve great love.

Today is your day to start.

  • Believe you are reading this post today for a reason. This is your day to start shedding your burdens and embrace your gifts.
  • Write down your burdens, read each one aloud and then tear each one up, saying “goodbye, I know longer believe in you”.
  • Tell yourself you deserve good things. And keep telling yourself until one day you can say it and know you mean it.
  • If you catch yourself putting yourself down, or being nasty to yourself, say “No that was the old me, I don’t believe those things about myself anymore”.
  • Write a list of things you loved doing when you were a child, (before you started to believe you weren’t good enough.) Draw with abandon, dance, sing, colour, skate board, write a book, start a new course, ride your bike, go back to study, or adopt a pet! It is about reconnecting with your true self and not worrying what others think. Find what you are passionate about and enjoy yourself.
  • Start to acknowledge that you matter, it is not selfish to make time for yourself it is a must! The happier you become, the happier everyone around you will be too. You are doing yourself and others good by being kinder to yourself.
  • Write a list of happiness goals, and then make that list a reality!
  • Surround yourself with positive people who support and love you.


I hope this post helps to inspire you to release yourself of some of those negative thoughts you have about who you are. Let your burdens truly become your gifts, and you will fly.

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Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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