Somedays the mental clutter in my mind is too much. In my mind thoughts swirl around, and although  I am not big on keeping lists on paper, my mental to do list leaves me feeling like I am drowning under the weight of responsibilities and unrealistic expectations.

It is not necessarily that there is so much to do, it is more a feeling of not even knowing where to start. I sometimes find myself feeling like I am back at university with a huge essay to research and write, and yet I have no idea where I’ll begin.

Being a perfectionist is doing me no favours. I tell my children it is OK to not be perfect, it is OK to make mistakes, and I tell them not to put pressure on themselves to try and please everyone. But I need to not just tell them this, I need to be  role model of it. I can not simply say “don’t do what I am doing,” and expect that they will just say “OK sure mum“! I know deep down it is OK to make mistakes, in fact through mistakes I have learned so much! Lately I just feel overwhelmed, so this is the exact time that I need to slow down and listen to my body.

Our bodies are amazing, they tell us when we are pushing ourselves beyond what is healthy, we just need to stop being so stubborn and actually listen. I am ready to listen, are you?

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