Resolutions can be made any time of the year, January may not be the right time for you, you may not be in the right place, or frame of mind to make big decisions and that is OK. There is no need to place excess pressure upon yourself just because the new year is on its way.

You need to be emotionally and mentally ready to make any big changes in your life, making them only because everyone else is, isn’t going to do you any favours. The new year is almost upon us, once all the Christmas fuss dies down it will be all anyone can talk, or ask about, and perhaps you will be the one asking yourself what you want your New Years Resolution to be?!

I have never been big on making New Years Resolutions, but whether you want to make one or not, you may find yourself like me reflecting on the year that has been, and wondering if there are things you wished you had have achieved, or may have wished you had done differently.

As the year comes to a close it can be the ideal time to do that reflecting,  to ask yourself some questions that will help enlighten you, and will help you reflect on the year that has been. Grab a pen and paper, a cuppa, and set some time aside to answer these questions;

  • What has been working for me this past year?
  • What hasn’t worked, or has lead me astray?
  • Who has been toxic in my life?
  • What areas of my life am I feeling disappointed about?
  • What areas am I feeling particularly positive about right now in my life?
  • Who has really lifted my spirits this year?
  • Am I being authentic?
  • Have I been too hard on myself this past year?
  • What have I done this past year to make myself happy?
  • What have I been doing to nurture my soul?

As you go through the list be totally honest, there is no point reflecting on life through rose coloured glasses, and there is no point being overly harsh either! Focus on the positives from the year as well as looking at the things that caused you to feel upset.

Many people seem to make resolutions all about loosing weight, or finding a relationship, but remember to focus on being kind to yourself too! If you want to make positive changes you need to show compassion to yourself, to nurture your mind, body and spirit! Remember the things you may feel you failed at this past year have actually been lessons that you can learn from and this is an opportunity to grow! Don’t look at perceived failures as all doom and gloom, look at how you can take positives from them.

Things you can do to help you make healthier resolutions.

  • See failures as opportunities to learn, grow and make new discoveries.
  • Focus on your emotional and mental health, not just your physical health.
  • Be OK with having slip ups, previous research has shown it can between 21 days and 66 days to form new habits.
  • Set realistic goals, challenge yourself to a healthy degree, but don’t set yourself to fail before you begin.
  • Review the year that has been, write down what made you feel good about yourself. Answering the questions I set above will help you with this.
  • Devise an action plan.
  • Don’t just write broad goals without setting mini goals under each category. For example if you say “I want to  be healthier“, under that make plans that will help you achieve that, like;
  1. Walk the dog each day.
  2. Go swimming every Friday after work.
  3. Get up 20 minutes earlier each week day to make time for breakfast and a stretch.

By setting up ways to work towards achieving larger goals you are more likely to stick to your plans and achieve the larger gaol in the end.

  • Keep a journal, or a planner with your goals and resolutions so that you can keep track of where you want to go and what you hope to achieve.
  • Most of all be gentle on your soul, talk to yourself and encourage yourself as you would your best friend. Love who you are, live authentically and smile in the mirror every morning.

Live the life you want to lead!

Do you have any tips to add? Do you set resolutions? What are you hoping to achieve in 2018?

Thank you for joining me, love Mackenzie xx

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