Each year I return to the same beach where we spent the summers of my childhood, the same beach where my father spent his summers after moving here from England. As soon as I am there I feel I have come home. This shoreline has seen me build sandcastles that in my innocence I foolishly thought could withstand the waves, it has seen me run naked wearing nothing but sunscreen and brightly coloured zinc across my nose. It has watched as I searched for treasure in the rock pools and snorkelled amongst fish and rays. It has seen an increase of freckles across my nose and checks with each passing year.

This beach has watched me eat ice creams, and witnessed my first crush. It watched as I swam for hours with my friends, and was there when I kissed a boy.  It witnessed as a young man proposed to me and I said yes. It was there when my first baby grew beneath my heart, and now it watches as I play and swim with my children as their grandparents watch on. Memories are precious, and these ones I hold onto tightly.

My Grandparents found this shoreline when they left their home a lifetime ago with nothing but a suitcase, 2 young boys and hearts full of hope, and they made this beach home for the generations to follow them. I hope that when one day I am long gone, that the generations that follow me will still visit this shore, and each year they will see the shift in the sands, feel the breeze through their hair and the sun kissing their skin.

During the month of April there have been some very sweet, funny, and totally adorable mummy shots shared with us as part of our Mummy Shot Instagram Community. Natalie from the blog Memeandharri will also be featuring her favourites, (which by the way, is so hard to choose as all of you take such beautiful photographs) on the first Saturday of each month! If you want to be involved simply tag your Instagram photos with the tag #mummyshot. Without further ado here are my favourites from April;


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