There is a funny thing that happens when you have children, you may relate?

When you tidy up it only seems to last ten minutes. I am not quite sure how it happens? It doesn’t matter how long you spend cleaning, it really makes no difference. You can vacuum, dust, scrub the texta of their desks, polish their school shoes, but within minutes it is all undone, yes all that hard work undone!

OK so truth be told I know exactly how it happens, it is kids, they have an inbuilt system within their bodies and minds that forces them to be messy! Husbands can have this too I have discovered.

My hubby is amazing, truly he is, but when it comes to mess it is like he doesn’t see it. Does anyone know what I mean? He can literally step over something and yet not register it needs picking up.

But maybe mess isn’t the enemy, maybe we should surrender to the mess?

Mess is fun right? It means you are living!Β 

To some extent I believe that, yes I do, I promise. I used to be an “over cleaner” and I found that people couldn’t relax in my home, it was like they were scared their kids would mess up something, or that they would! I found my kids were feeling bad about making mess! When Adam was born I felt overwhelmed with all my roles, I was mum, wife, cleaner, daughter, cook, bottom wiper, nappy changer, breast/bottle milk on demand feeder, story teller, nursery rhyme singer etc…….. I was exhausted with trying to be perfect mum and perfect tidy house lady!

Sometimes it is about priorities, and my priority was enjoying life. I didn’t enjoy having a perfect clean home, I enjoyed hugging my tiny munchkins and letting them be kids! So I surrendered to mess, yes mess beat me down, it won and you know what I was happier and my kids were happier. Yes I still cleaned and yes it took many years to really throw caution to the wind and not spend endless hours cleaning things that really didn’t need it. I still like being tidy and I am a bit funny when it comes to germs so I do love a clean kitchen and bathrooms, and I enjoy beautiful spaces, but more than that I like “lived in spaces”, because that is what I want to do, I want to live! I want to enjoy my home, my crazy kids and my hubby who see’s the house as clean no matter how much washing needs doing, or how many dishes are on the sink.

Somedays my home is picture perfect, other days I have washing hanging over my kitchen table and a pile of ironing I am ignoring, but that’s OK, that is life, this is my life and I want my kids to know that life can be messy and chaotic and that’s OK. If they need a chat or a hug then that pile of washing can wait!


What about you? Do you have a super tidy home? Does your hubby notice mess? Share your thoughts with me below.

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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