Sometimes all we can do is listen. We can’t fix things, we can’t make it better, we can’t stop the hurt, we just have to be there, be silent and listen. 

One of the hardest things we have to do is see someone we love in pain. We want to fix it, to somehow say the magic words to help ease their pain, but we can’t. As a mother seeing my children hurt is so very hard. I want to wrap them up in my arms and protect them from all the heartache that the world can bring and somehow fill their days with sunshine and happiness. But the harsh truth is, not even a parent can fix everything.

A little over a week ago, just before Easter my daughter Aspen finally had her wish come true. For almost a year she has worked towards proving to us that she is responsible enough to have a bunny rabbit of her every own. She has had a drawing of a bunny on her vision board and has been reading all she can on owning a bunny, a mini lop to be precise. Finally her dream was a reality as she welcomed Roxy, a little 9 week old mini lop Doe into her life, and her heart.


She was filled with happiness.


Roxy stole all our hearts, how could she not! She loved cuddles and was happiest hoping around our living room,

or snuggling with her dad Batman.


 When we adopted Roxy, they were in search for a new home for Batman, he is an ex show bunny champion and is retired.

So of course we adopted him too!



Today was April’s 9th birthday and she woke up super excited! The girls were lying in bed giggling. My hubby came in and told me the sad news, Roxy had passed away in the night. I went to check and there she was lying with her sad daddy, she was gone and I had to break the news to Aspen. How do you tell a child that their pet has passed away? We went through this a year ago almost to the day, Aril ,lost her kitten a couple of days before her 8th birthday, and now a year later Aspen has lost her bunny.

Aspen was excited when she came out she was all set to rush and see Roxy, I had to tell her the news. I won’t go into her sadness too much as I know she would want it private, but she was devastated!!!!! April’s birthday didn’t quite turn out the happy day it should have been. We tried to make the most of it. But today has been a rollercoaster of a day, and we say goodbye to gorgeous little Roxy who stole our hearts in the 9 days we spent with her. Having Batman is a comfort, but Roxy will be missed.





There was nothing I could say to take her pain away, I just had to listen as she sobbed and told me it was unfair, and asked why? A why I couldn’t give an answer to, sometimes we just don’t know why. Sometimes things don’t make sense! Sometimes life does seem unfair. Sometimes all we need is for someone to let us cry, someone to just to sit there with us in silence and let us cry. Loss is hard, it sucks, it’s unfair


Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


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