For the past two weeks I have had at least one sick child, now don’t get me wrong it is nothing serious, no hospital visits, or stays (I’ve been through that before and that is a lot worse), so I shouldn’t be moaning right? I have no right to moan, yes it is a nasty virus that is making my kids miserable, hot, sore, tired and clingy, but it is not serious! So am I a terrible human being if I complain, and moan and say I am over it????

It has been two weeks of trying to get hubby to work from home so I can go to work, or getting family to help out so I can work. I feel bad for inconveniencing others, and also really bad for leaving my children with someone other than their mother, me! On the days I don’t work of course I have been there, with hugs and songs, making sure they drink lots of water, and that their temp doesn’t get too high. When I am at work they message me constantly and I happily send back adorable animal pics, and tell them I love them.

But now I just feel like I need a day at the spa! Actually no scrap that, I don’t want anyone touching me, I need a day of solitude, of me and a book. A nice book that doesn’t demand hugs and doesn’t cover me in snot! I know I am selfish and horrible. But I also know I am the luckiest woman because I am a mummy, and God knows I was so scared that would never happen. But does moaning and needing me time really mean I am a bad mum? Or does it just mean I am a human?

I actually miss my kids when they are not around, I do. But every now and then I need to be my own person, one who can just sit for a cup of tea without a child leaning on them. I am an introvert, so if I don’t get time alone I kind of go a bit nuts. OK we all know I am already nuts, but I actually get quite mentally burnt out if I don’t recharge, and for me that recharging involves some alone time.

OK so my next guilty confession is that today, Saturday I got home from work at 12:30, after lunch with the kids, hugs and chats I was very naughty and just wanted to go through my insta feed to pick my favourite mummy shots, Adam wasn’t leaving me alone, which is super cute, but after a really long hug (squeeze, like boa constrictor style, but much sweeter) I suggested he play on his older sisters iPad. I know major mummy fail, or is that just mummy survival mode?

I know I sound shallow, and I know so many mothers and fathers have really sick kids and I am moaning about, well essentially nothing. But we all need a good moan now and then, don’t we???

Now for something more important than my moaning and that is the meaning behind this adorable pic #mylittleplumbum

This super cute photograph was shared with us through the mummy shot community by Katy from @hotpinkwellingtons. Not only is it beyond adorable, but it is part of a campaign to help supply more food to Trussell Trust which is  Europe’s biggest food banks. See her Insta feed for more details.

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