Over the past month Aspen has been struggling with her health, to the point where at the doctor on Saturday he told us to take her straight to the Hospital. We were lucky that as soon as we arrived they rushed her through Emergency (unlucky in that she was sick enough to be rushed through if you look at it from a different perspective). At first they weren’t sure if she had a lung infection, or it was all from her Asthma. She has suffered Asthma for most of her life, but we are so fortunate to have not had many serious attacks. When she was 16 months old, on Father’s Day, she was struggling to breathe and again we were rushed to Emergency at The Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne. It is very scary when your child is so young and very difficult when they don’t have the words to tell you what they are experiencing! I am sure most parents relate! 

I remember them trying desperately to get Oxygen into her and she was pushing them away as she was just so afraid. How do you explain to a young child that these strange people, in this strange place are trying to help? All she could see was a man trying to force a mask over her face. Eventually she allowed me to hold the mask, and she was admitted into the hospital.

Thankfully at age 14 she can tell us what she is experiencing, and understands that the doctors and nurses are trying to help her breathe! Saturday she coped very well, but on Sunday she deteriorated and all she wanted was to be at home. She was so tired, her heart was racing from the amount of Ventolin in her system, and her oxygen was very low. She was becoming quite annoyed at me for making her be at the hospital, and she was very emotional. 


She was put on the oxygen through a mask which helped bring her blood oxygen levels up, they tried the nose prongs, but they were ineffective. She was given what is refers to as a burst of Ventolin, so 12 puffs every 20 minutes for an hour, followed by a Bronchodilator to help force her airways open.

Monday morning rolled around and we were finally seeing her oxygen levels increasing. In the early hours she fell asleep with me patting her head like I did when she was tiny. That sweet relief of knowing your child is resting is the best feeling. I sat by her side feeling so grateful that she is my daughter and that we are one of the lucky ones whose condition can be treated. Thankful to have such an amazing Hospital, and live in a place where we can access medical care. 


As we approach Christmas time it made me reflect as I looked around the ward, listening to babies cry, watching tired parents wonder back and forth, and hearing the scream of a child whose vein they were trying to find, Christmas ordainments everywhere, that this is the time of year where we hope for miracles, and every child deserves to be well and happy. I haven’t gotten into the spirit of Christmas this year, but suddenly today I find a new found appreciation for the blessings in my life. 

Today hopefully I will get to take my daughter home from this place, where many children will spend Christmas day, and sadly it may not be their only Christmas spent here. My cousins daughter spent years here battling Cancer and is finally just gone home, this year she will spend Christmas at home with the hope of no more Christmas times spent in hospital. I am so grateful that Aspen will be ok, that I can take her home. 

I have read somewhere that having a child is like having your heart walk around outside your body, I think it captures well how it feels to be a parent. The minute I knew I was pregnant I began worrying, will the baby be ok, will the baby be healthy, and then she was born and the worry continues. It will always be there, the hope that she will be healthy and safe, that she will be happy! Being a parent is a rollercoaster of highs and lows and that can even be on a daily basis, but we are all blessed to get to be part of raising a child and witnessing their life.

It is now time for my #MummyShot Highlights

Although I am a bit behind I certainly have not forgotten about sharing some gorgeous Mummy Shot photographs with you from last month! Again thank you to everyone who uses the hashtag xx

Here are my favourite #MummyShot Images from November.


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Here is one of my own #MummyShot’s of my daughter planting in her fairy garden.

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