Sometimes I see glimpses of my little girl, moments where she holds on to me not wanting our goodnight cuddles to end. Other times I feel her annoyance at me, that look that tells me I am being embarrassing, or that I don’t understand what is is like to be a teen. I love her beyond what she could ever comprehend at her age, and yet these days she can drive me crazy as easy as flipping a switch. I remain calm, I remain patient. I pick my battles.

There are times where I need to pull her up on her tone, or attitude, but she is a great kid. The thing is though, she is not a kid, yet she is so far from being a woman. I do remember being a teen (it wasn’t quite a hundred years ago), but I don’t know what it is like to be in her mind, and her body, that is sacred to her. I remember the confusion of being a teen, and the pressure of school, also the pressure of trying to be the good girl that made my parents proud, but also the daring girl that wanted to explore who I was without limitations. Although I can read my daughter very well, she is her own person, and I don’t know what life is like in her mind. So I remain patient.

I want to wrap her in cotton wool, protect her from all hurts, and I especially want to take away her insecurities. I want her to see how amazing she truly is, how bright, how hilariously funny, how absolutely stunning she is, and I want her to know that life has amazing things ahead for her! I want to shield her, yet I want to set her free to soar!

Motherhood is confusing, so is being a teen. Together we will learn.

“My precious daughter, I will hold you gently whilst you cry, and I will hold you tightly whilst you sob. I will laugh with you at the jokes only we get. I will catch you when you stumble, and I will be the one clapping loudest when you achieve what you want to.

I will believe in you even when you doubt yourself, I will walk beside you when you need me, and I will set you free when you wish to fly, and fly you will my amazing child.

I have always told you that you are my miracle, that you fought so hard to be born, you are stronger than you know, you are more beautiful inside than anyone I have ever known, your heart and love are endless. You shine my beautiful daughter, always believe in yourself, as I will always believe in you.”

Mothering a teen is not easy, and it will challenge me so much further I am sure, but watching her grow into who she is meant to be is the greatest blessing I could ask for.

Speaking of parenting, it is now time to share some gorgeous photos taken by some parents this week and shared on the #mummyshot tag on Instagram. Each Saturday I feature my favourites. Here are this weeks featured photos.

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