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Mummy & Us, plus the ‘sore tummy’

Last week we were hit with the dreaded “my tummy hurts“. Yup, the sore tummy is a regular in this household, and most of the time it’s nerves.

My children tend to be slightly on the anxious side, not enough that it affects them greatly, but enough that we experience many a school morning with reports of the ‘sore tummy‘.  So it wasn’t unexpected when Adam (age 5), reported his tummy was hurting on Thursday morning. He wasn’t looking off colour, ate his breakfast fine, (although was spoon fed just so we could get out of the house on time), he seemed genuinely fine. To be honest I didn’t even hesitate whether to send him.

I had a busy morning with meetings scheduled, and then a long drive home. I finally drove into our country town and the phone starts ringing through the car speakers. It’s the school, the phone call I always dread from the school nurse

I was so looking forward to a peaceful lunch, followed by a quick check of emails and if I had time maybe a little blogging. My son’s tummy had other plans, and they trumped mine! 

So I waved goodbye to my small town and headed back towards the big smoke. Half an hour later I arrived to see my little boys sad blue eyes looking at me, a little smile touched his lips and he hugged me tight. It wasn’t serious but he had been off his food and just wasn’t himself, he needed his mummy, and his puppy.


We headed home, after signing the girls out early too. (I wasn’t going to drive 30 minutes home, then back to school and home again dragging Adam along). We arrived home, he dig a big poo and then ran around the house saying he was hungry! All fixed. He refuses to do a poo at school, does anyone else have this issue?

He was happy and fine all night, until the next morning. He said his ‘tummy is sore” AGAIN. He flat out refused to get out of bed. What sort of child am I raising? Seriously this child would spend the day in his pyjamas every day if possible. He doesn’t want to stay in bed at night, but in the morning he doesn’t want to get out.

Life with children sure is a challenge, and some days I get it wrong, other days I come pretty close to getting it right. I am almost 11 years in to this parenting thing and it still baffles me many days. I find it so hard to know how to judge when they are exaggerating illness, or are really unwell. I also find it a balance with behaviours and when to pick a battle and when to let it go.

I would love to hear your ideas, thoughts and stories so please leave me some comments below. Also feel free to link up any family posts of your own. I love to read your parenting stories, see your photographs, or find great new craft or recipe ideas. Families come in all shapes and sizes so feel free to link up.

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx



 He’s happy now




I am almost twenty years in and still struggle, especially with exaggerated illnesses. Yes, my eldest still only goes to the toilet somewhere familiar. It used to be a real issue. Sorry lovely, I have no advice because I never really got to the bottom of it xx

Mackenzie Glanville

I can understand it, but if you’ve got to go, then go. Sounds like we’re in for the long haul lol. Thanks for sharing your thoughts xx

Em @ snowingindoors

Oh bless him. I had debilitating anxiety when I was younger and would have massive panic attacks before junior school most mornings.
Our two are both slightly anxious types and when they feel nervy I draw a heart on their wrist and one on mine, so they know we’re connected. They both stroke the hearts if they feel worried. It’s a small thing that has helped the pair of them more than I could have imagined.

Mackenzie Glanville

That is a really helpful idea, I am so grateful that you shared this tip with me!And thank you for linking up xx

Marie Loerzel

I have a 13 year old daughter with vague tummy issues from time to time. And I always wonder…Is she faking it? Am I missing something? And the ultimate conclusion, I come to everytime, I must be the shittiest mother for now knowing! Which of course isn’t true. We just do our best.

Caro | The Twinkles Mama

Aaah I’ve got all this to come haven’t I? At the moment, the boys are too little to fake illness — they’re only two — and if they’re acting ill, generally they are ill. I can see that this will all change when they get a little older though. Tough isn’t it? I guess you just go with your gut? x Thanks for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

Caro |

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