I have always said that one of my favourite things about parenting so far is watching them become who they are meant to be. I adore watching their personalities develop, seeing how despite all sharing their father and my DNA, the same home, and now school, they are all so vastly different. I also love their sibling similarities, and the little reminders I get of my own siblings, or parents traits through watching them. I love the daily surprise comments that come from nowhere, the way their minds see the world, solve issues and of course all their adorable quirks.

Watching my two girls I get so much joy out of their secret sister jokes and code as they remind me of my sister and I at a similar age, and I love the way my little boy both annoys them, and makes them giggle with nonstop laughter. I am honestly fascinated, and totally entertained by just watching them together, and also with seeing them develop as individuals.

I have no clue where life is going, but I am totally enthralled with the ride. Getting a front row seat  in a child’s life is miraculous and such a blessing. I have no idea what their future passions will be, what sort of career they will want, whether they will want a family, or as April tells me now, she will just live with her dog, all I know is whatever they decide I will be there to cheer them on, catch them if the fall and encourage them to rise back up. I will love them wholeheartedly and be their biggest fan, and I know without a doubt I will be surprised along the way.

One of the great things about hosting the Instagram Community #MummyShot along with co-host @memeandharri, is getting to choose which adorable photos to share each month, and I love that the photos can express so much without having to share our children’s full faces. This months choices have been inspired by the beautiful colours of life.

#MummyShot Favourites from August

These adorable and colourful photographs of little ones were shared by the following Instagramers, if you not familiar with their feeds please check them out . . . .

@littleredmoments. @jenliujones.

@welshcakeswellies. Featured post image taken by talented photographer @fionaleggephotography. and shared by the lovely @mamalifelondon.

Thank you to everyone who tags #mummyshot, it is such a wonderful community!

Here are two of my favourites from my feed @macglanville. And two from my co-host @memeandharri feed for August.


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