When I started this blog only 5 months ago I had never read another blog, this whole world of writing and blogging was completely new to me. I just logged on (with a gentle but firm push from a friend) and created a website. One of the hardest things was what to call my website. In the end I decided on Reflections From Me, why? Well because it’s exactly what this blog is, a jumble of ME and my reflective thoughts and feelings.

I truly felt I had something to offer,  but I also believed that I wasn’t good enough to succeed. I guess I was ready for a change, I was tired of being the shy girl, to afraid to take a risk, scared to make myself vulnerable. I hadn’t even shared my writing with my hubby. Suddenly I was sharing it on the world wide web!

I was overwhelmed when people started following me, sending me positive comments and great feedback, suddenly people were subscribing to my emails and I was able to help people, to make a difference in their day! That has been the most rewarding thing for me, when someone tells me that what I have written inspired them, helped them or made them laugh.

Again today I was overwhelmed and so pleasantly surprised when the lovely and talented Lisa from Into The Glade, a gorgeous blog, presented me with the Leibster award for new bloggers! Me? Little me being recognised all the way from overseas, I feel so blessed.


Lisa is an amazing cook, she shares her recipes on her website, and oh my gosh be prepared to have your mouth water. The Brownies, the banana cake with chocolate chunks and the carrot cake with orange icing is like soul food!

Lisa has asked me some questions and so here I go . . . .

Why did you start your blog?

I started blogging as a way to express my words and see whether people were actually interested in anything I had to say. All my life I have had a million stories I have wanted to share, but held back because I felt like I wouldn’t be good enough. It was time to start believing in myself, and give writing a go! 

Tell us more about your blog?

My blog is a true reflection of me, (hence the name),.  It is my thoughts, my passions, my drive to help empower others, to inspire people to not be afraid to follow their dreams. I don’t lock myself into one area, sometimes I’m reflective, sometimes wacky, but always me. I am honest and authentic. Many posts are mummy type posts, and many are reflective and empowering. My work as a life guide often shines through.I also have a Photography Website and my gorgeous puppy Holly has a dog blog. And I now co-host a great reflective LInk-Up called Friday Reflections.


I want people to visit my Website and feel welcome, and relaxed. I want them to feel comfortable, nurtured and leave with a smile on their face.



Who do you admire most?

Gosh how do you just pick one? My parents. They have both had some serious health battles in the past years, now they have overcome. I admire their fight, I admire that they never gave up. I have to mention my father in law here too, he was told he might not live more than a year or so over 13 years ago. He is still here today due to his self belief. He refuses to accept what they tell him, and uses mediation and healthy living to remain happy and positive.

Which famous person would you most like to have dinner with?

I always said Nelson Mandela. He has passed now, but I would have loved to have had dinner with him.

Where was your best holiday?

We always love the Winter time at our local beach. Board games, hot drinks, picnics on the bed. Everywhere feels deserted, peaceful and the ocean is so untamed. Our favourite thing is to head to the book store and all grab a new book to snuggle up with. Here are a couple of pics from one of those Winter Beach holidays. @photoglanville  Reflections Photography 





What is your favourite cake?

You make these questions so hard, because I love cake!! I often find I can’t go past a really rich chocolate cake, but one of my all time fav’s is Persian, orange and almond cake. This image is not my own, but it looks so good.


What is your happy song?

At the moment I love singing along to Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson.

What is your favourite beauty product?

Surprisingly blush, I just love how it brightens me up and defines my cheeks.

What would be your dream career?

Writing! I would love to grow old writing books and still blogging.

If you were prime minister, what would be your first priority?

Gosh so tough! The first thing of so many would be homelessness, I hate that people have no where to sleep!

Well hopefully that tells you are little more about me! 

Excitingly I now get to nominate some new bloggers, that I love. The idea is to nominate someone who hasn’t been blogging for long, but who you are super impressed by.

My Nominations Are:

Rhooi at roohibhatnagar.com

Julie Claveau at xfallenmoon.com

Ice at scoutingforicebergs.com

Chelsea at chelseabeeswax.com

Renee at .mummywifeme.com

Lucy at bottlefor2.com

Kaye at HelloArchie 

Here are your questions:

What inspired your blog name?

What is the blog post written by you that you are most proud of, and why?

How long have you been blogging?

What inspired you to begin your blog?

Your favourite thing about blogging is?

Is there are side to blogging you find difficult?

If you were forced into a time machine and headed back to the past what year of your life would you wish to relive and why?

List five words that capture your essence.

What blog should everyone be reading besides yours and be subscribed to write now? Why?

Tell us what your blog is about? What is it that you wish to share about your blog with the world?

Good luck ladies xx

Please nominate between 5 and 10 new bloggers, ones who have under 400 Twitter followers at least not too many. Please link your post back to the person who nominates you and tell us a little about their blog in your into.

Thanks for joining me, and thanks again to LISA! Love, Mackenzie xx




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