A good cup of tea is like a warm hug, there is nothing quite like wrapping my hands around a warm cup of tea and sinking into the softness of my couch after a long . . . . long day. I am a little tea obsessed, in fact ask me if I would choose tea or coffee and honestly it’s like asking me to choose a favourite child. It’s just too impossible to choose as I am obsessed with both equally (and all 3 when referring to my children). 

There are times of the day where coffee is my number one ‘go to’ item, moments I feel I can’t live without it, the aroma, the taste, the warmth, but when it comes to evening time, nothing can top a cup of tea for me!

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There is just something so soothing about tea. Maybe it goes back to when I was a child. It is funny how often things that comfort us as an adult can be traced back to a time in our past where we felt loved, nurtured and safe. For me it is memories of my paternal Grandmother. She would make my sister and I a cup of warm milky, sugary tea and provide Teddy Bear biscuits to dunk into it. It was warm and sweet and it came with her precious time. She had curly white hair, big blue eyes and a thick British accent.

Now I drink my tea black, no milk and no sugar, but still tea brings me comfort. I find it so relaxing that it has become part of my nightly pre-bedtime routine. There is rarely a night that goes by where I don’t have a cup of tea before bed, especially during a long cold Victorian winter.

I will confess I am a little bit of a tea snob though. I only like ‘expensive’ tea and yes it does taste different. For me making a pot of tea is part of the ritual to relaxation. I love watching the water go into the pot and the leaves swirl around. I have so many different types of tea so I don’t get bored. I love the tea that opens like a flower, or the little tea cakes, which look like a mini cake but open up gradually into tea leaves. As I warned you I am a ‘bit’ or perhaps a lot obsessed with tea. This image below is taken through my glass teapot. (Yes I even photograph tea, WARNING crazy tea lady).


Some women have a ritual of luscious facials or creams, but for me my bed time ritual priority number one is my tea! (Although I did just buy a luscious foot cream I’m enjoying). I think it is also just the fact that it is a time where the house is quiet, a time where the chaos of the day (yes chaos I have 3 kids, 3 kittens, 5 chickens,1 puppy, and 1 dog, oh and a husband), has settled. My hubby usually makes the tea for me too so it is a nice moment to come out after tucking our children into bed and just sit with him and enjoy each others company.(Admittedly we do get interrupted by a five year old who needs the toilet, or an 11 year old having an emotional issue when they ‘should be’ sleeping!)

So when it comes to my bedtime routine I guess my main thing would be to have some down time before heading to bed. To soothe your mind and body after a long and busy day. Whether it is with a cup of tea (like me), a bath, meditation or a great book, it is just important to allow yourself to unplug from your phone or computer and give yourself a little ‘me time’.

What’s your bed time routine? Are you tea crazy like me? Could a good cup of tea be a metaphor for how we live our lives?


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Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx




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Here are this weeks writing prompts. 17 July 2015

  • What is your bedtime routine, if you have one? If you don’t, would you change anything you currently do?
  • Reminisce about your wedding day.
  • Are you addicted to social media? Assess yourself honestly!
  • Reflect on the following quote: “To awaken alone in a strange town is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.” – Freya Stark
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