This week has been mad! The kids went back to school after a lovely break that just flew by way too fast and not only was it back to school, but back to after school activities too. On top of this, I am not getting an organised mum of the year award, (no surprises there), because I waited until after the two week break to get them to see if their winter uniforms from last year still fit. Of course this meant after the first day of school we madly dashed to the uniform shop for;

  • New school pants (Adam)
  • New school skirt (Aspen)
  • Shirt (Aspen)
  • Socks (Adam)
  • Sport day pants (Aspen)
  • School tights/stockings (Aspen)
  • Blazer (Aspen)
  • Jumper (April) (Adam) (Aspen)
  • New Shoes and Sneakers (Aspen)

Aspen has had a serious growth spurt, she is 13 and her feet are 2 sizes bigger than mine and she has done it . . . she is officially taller than me, (insert sad face, mine not hers, she thinks it is fabulous!)

On top of the usual stuff, someone, namely ME, decided it was time to renovate April and Adams rooms, why? Because I am insane! And I am obsessed with re-decoarting. Whilst having the car serviced on Tuesday I had them drop me at the shops, and I think, (know) I may have spent just a little more than was budgeted for oops! The new floorboards went in Wednesday (we painted their rooms on the holidays) and finally the rooms are done and thankfully the kids LOVE them! I think I should be doing up other people’s children’s bedrooms then at least I would be spending their money instead of mine. I just love designing and decorating. Plus it is cheaper than moving home, something I get the bug to do, but my sensible other half doesn’t.

If you are familiar with my blog you will know I have been feeling restless, and unsettled, so this has helped me. I think I needed to unleash some creativity, and kids rooms are fun to play around with. I have to say though I am totally shattered tonight. Today was the grocery shop (boring) and Aspen’s follow up appointment from her MRI, thankfully that was ok, mostly what we expected, with one unwanted extra that I am praying will not become an issue! Then it was some usual tidying up, and Aspen had a friends birthday party after school today. She seriously is growing up so fast, she looked so beautiful and so tall!

So that has been my mad week so far and it is not over yet! How is everyone doing? Drop me a note in the comments and let me know what you have been up to!

Mac xx