I was surprised to come across something I had written back in November 2014, and funnily enough it is 2 years next month. I just opened up an old note book and there it was.

Late 2014 I had only just discovered that there was such a thing as a ‘blog’ and knew that blogging was something that excited me. I was so used to having an idea and ignoring it, but I was also at a point in my life where I was tired of giving up on my dreams.

Here is what I wrote.



To get my blog up and running.


Write Blogs, work on layout I want, and what is important for me to include.


What am I passionate about, it needs to reflect me, but be true to me. Don’t try to be anything but myself.

Focus on doing my personal best and enjoying it! have fun, be free!

I can’t believe that I wrote that and then by November 5th I launched my blog! I had no idea about how to promote a blog, I knew nothing about Twitter or link ups, but what I knew was that I had a dream. I threw myself in at the deep end and amazingly almost 2 years on I’m still swimming! (Well blogging)!

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Seeing this made me reflect on how far I have come, but more importantly I feel proud that I have stuck to my original objective to be myself. Even when I was advised to find ‘one niche’ I decided I couldn’t do that as I am so many different things, and writing about just one part of me didn’t work for me. If I was going to be truly ‘me’ and enjoy what I was doing then I needed to feel free to share whatever popped into my head on any given day!

It is funny how we can come across something unexpectedly. Sometimes we can look at something and ask ourselves “what was I thinking?” And other times we still feel the way we did way back when. For me in this case, I still feel the way I did then, I am still passionate about writing and sharing my random and reflective thoughts with all of you, and if I was to make a new Objective when it comes to my blog it would be exactly the same!

Be myself, be free, be comfortable in my own skin, and write from the heart.

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Thanks to everyone who sticks by me and reads my blog, it means the world to me,

thanks for joining me, love Mac xx



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