Do you ever have one of those mornings where you just want to get ready in peace? Where your children, (or fur children) seem to have a NEED to be right in your personal space, and you just think to yourself . . .

  1. “why can’t I just get ready with a little bit of dignity?”
  2. “Is it really that fascinating to watch me in the shower?”
  3. “Is it really that hard to find your own sock?”
  4. “Can you just brush your own hair?”
  5. “Can I pee on own, please?!!!”
  6. “Do you have to have a meltdown now?”

I think that children, and pets feed off our energy too. Whenever I am in extra need of personal space, you know because it would be nice to have some personal space once in a while! If I haven’t had enough sleep and I am a bit grumpy, or if I am running late and my hair will not do what I want it to do, these are the moments they seem to have emotional meltdowns too. It is like the whole house fills up with some weird energy source that says All Members Of This Household Must Now Meltdown!

I swear this is what happens. Like this morning, I felt so tired, that alarm this morning was sent to torture me (it’s true it told me so). Still little man comes in for his 20 minute hug, yes 20 minutes, he times it. I love it, it is adorable, but this morning whilst hugging his sweet little body I was so comforted that I kept falling asleep. This however is against the rules as he happily  reminded me over and over, the hug doesn’t count if I fall asleep, it is true ask anyone.

Finally I got my tired self, eyes heavy, and head heavier out of bed, only to have teenager dive onto my bed in misery. She is having a hard time, see post here for reason, (It is a very valid reason). I spent another 20 minutes consoling her, but that was not enough time, and I know it isn’t, but we have school to get to. As you can guess it just all seemed to keep spiralling, lost socks, massive knots in hair, tears from teen, teen getting snappy at tween therefore making tween want to cry, whilst little man decided that to find lost sock he had to put every other pair of socks he owned all around the room. (Side note, I had actually laid out a pair of school socks the night before so we would be organised, apparently it disappeared down the hole, you know the one that steals socks, or we could blame the dog of course)!

I found the missing sock, did the hair, wiped the tears, and had no time to blow dry my own hair, or to apply makeup, I made sure everyone besides me was fed, and found little man brushing his teeth whilst playing with a toy.

“Can you pop down the toy whilst you brush your teeth please?”

“It is called multitasking!” He informed me.

“Um yes, but not when both hands are playing with the toy whilst toothbrush sits in your mouth not actually performing any brushing.”

I wanted to scream, instead I took a deep breath, sang silly songs to make them laugh and got them to school somehow on time, still with my hair and makeup not done.

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie

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