Perfect health cannot exist without happiness

Well for me it can’t. Health is about so much more than being fit and being physically healthy. Health to me encompasses well-being, spirituality, mental stability, it is about a holistic approach to the life we lead. We can still find joy and happiness in our lives when we are physically unhealthy, when our bodies are weak, or riddled with disease, but I don’t believe we can truly be healthy without happiness.

For me ‘perfection” in health is about physical health and mental health coexisting, it is about being active in life, and also being mentally and spiritually present within our world.

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Our minds are so powerful, we have barely tapped into what we are capable of. But one thing I have learnt is that the happier I am, the more aware and present I am within myself, the healthier I feel.

There are times I have felt so run down , so ill, my stomach has been so full of knots and pain that I was convinced I was ill. I was convinced I had something seriously wrong. Stress and anxiety can manifest as physical illness. It can be so convincing. I have said to myself at times that ‘it can’t be stress’, ‘I must be sick’, or ‘I have nothing to be stressed about’. Yet once I came out of the fog I realised I had been more stressed than I had thought I was, and suddenly when I took some time out, when I relaxed and released any tension, I felt better! Suddenly my stomach didn’t hurt. It wasn’t a doctor that “cured me“, it was happiness! It was me letting go of the stress, or tension I had been unknowingly holding on to.

We need to stop sometimes and actually listen to our bodies. Our bodies are trying to tell us through these aches and pains that something isn’t right. Yet we lead such ‘busy“, and ‘demanding‘ lives that we don’t stop and pay attention to these annoying niggles, we often don’t pay any attention to them until they are screaming at us!

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Many people complain of backache and believe it is a pulled muscle for example. And it may be, but often back ache is actually a sign that we don’t feel supported in our lives. We may be feeling misunderstood, or not heard. Our boss may be placing too much pressure on us, or our partner isn’t treating us right, or perhaps we feel our parents are not supporting our decisions. Shoulder pain can also be a similar cause, it may be that we feel a lot of pressure due to our workload, pressure of exams, or trying to keep our household running on a budget. Headaches, migraines, nausea, and stomach aches are all classic signs that something is mentally or spiritually not healthy within us.

Now I am not advising that you don’t consider a ‘physical health’ reason for your pain. But if the doctors rule out a physical cause then try looking at your health from a different perspective. Often even if there is a physical cause, treating it with a holistic treatment plan can be extremely beneficial. By all means follow your doctors advice, if you need medication then take it, but you can help yourself heal faster and happier by using meditation, music, and even crystals. It may sound a bit ‘hippy‘, but the more positive you feel, the less pain you will be in.


I have written posts in the past about being mindful, and about finding your inner peace. If you are struggling with your health, and happiness I advise you to read those. I will add links for you to them at the bottom of this post.

Mindfulness is a great meditation tool, but is also a great way to live in your every day life. It is simply about being mindful of what is going on within and around you. It’s about noticing the small things like, sounds, smells, and tastes. It is about noticing and appreciating life in the present moment rather than regretting the past, or worrying about the future. 

Remember to trust your gut, listen to your body and pay attention to your needs.

Health and happiness should go hand in hand, and we all deserve both. 

As promised here are some links to some blog posts you really should read, and keep on hand at times where you need to be reminded about caring for yourself.



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What is Happiness

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