sometimes there is nothing better than getting down and cuddling with your puppy

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Not all people are animal people, but clearly for me there is no point denying I am a little animal obsessed. Animals have the potential to make us happier, healthier and gives us loads of entertainment and love. Animals require a lot form us, they cost money, they need our time, attention and they need grooming, but what we get back is so worth it. I took this photograph on the weekend of April with her new puppy Heidi. Heidi has only been with us for a week and she has brought us so much joy. She has nipped my feet a lot of times and there is no denying we need to put in lots of time to train her, but she is already sitting when told, sleeping beautifully through the night and enjoying playing with us! 

Here are a few tips on training that we find are working for us. 

  • When she bites on us we have to put her in her own area and not pay this negative behaviour attention. Puppies have sensitive hearing so it is not a good idea to yell at them. You can firmly say stop, or use a sound such as UTT, but if they continue they must be removed from the area, a bit like a time out.
  • When she bites on something like furniture or a blanket we show her a doggie play toy to distract her away from the things we don’t want her to chew on. We praise her lots when she plays with the right things.
  • We also give lots of praise or a doggie treat from the Pet Store when she comes to her name being called and when she sits when told.
  • Taking her outside often has prevented us from her having accidents inside. Remember if you have a puppy their bladders are small so don’t expect them to hold for more than 2 hours, and if they have a sleep take them outside as soon as they wake up.


Having pets can teach children so much love and compassion, they open up a child’s eyes to the needs of others. We choose to give our children responsibilities with our pets, like cleaning out their water bowls, ensuring they have fresh food and water, and hay for the bunnies. (Like Chelsey below).

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We also teach them how to respect animals and understand that animals need love, play, but also rest times too. Of course as the adult we need to ensure these things are done and remember that we can’t expect children to be fully responsible. But we can’t imagine having a life without animals now, they are part of our family.

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every now and then and animal comes along who just steals your heart without even trying 

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Thank you for joining me, love Mackenzie xx


Thinking of rescuing, adopting or buying a pet? You may want to read this first. The realities of owning a pet and things you should consider. 


I am so thrilled that a photo of my son and I was picked as a favourite on #pontshoot! 

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