What are you prepared to walk away from? 

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Stop now, pause, and think for a moment about what you would be prepared to leave behind. I am sure you have, at some point, wondered if your home was about to burn down, what things you would rescue if given only a few minutes.

We quite obviously choose family and pets first, (I would hope), but what if they were already safe, what would you choose next? What possessions actually matter most to you?

It is interesting to actually stop and consider this question, it reveals to us just what is important, and perhaps more importantly it reveals the things we are hanging on to that actually have very little meaning to us!

In a world we we endlessly consume, where we have to have the best toys for our kids, where we buy the shoes or clothes in our closest simply because the brand holds a status. or purchase  the latest/biggest TV just because it makes us feel superior, if we were about to loose everything we soon realise that these are not the most important things in our life after all.

To simplify our life does not mean having to give up all possessions and survive on the bare minimum. But it can bring us a greater sense of freedom, less credit card debt, less anxiety, less illness, and less pressure, and in turn make us richer in time and happiness!

simplicity brings us peace, it offers us balance in our lives, and brings us a deeper connection to the world we live in

When we realise we are buying without thought, that we are striving for happiness through material possessions rather than through quality of life and quality relationships, we soon become aware that living simpler may actually be the answer to living happier.

So here are some questions you could ask yourself;

  • what distractions could I remove from my life?
  • are there too many possessions in my home that I don’t need?
  • am I stressed about my bank balance because I am spending more than I am earning?
  • do I wear all these clothes in my wardrobe?
  • are we so busy after school as a family that we never get to sit and chat or eat together?
  • are my weekends so busy that I never feel rested?
  • are all the things in my living room useful, or make me happy?
  •  do I have to check my phone every ten minutes or so?
  • is hanging on to past hurts, or anger making me feel unhappy and overwhelmed?
  • are there relationships that are draining my energy and happiness?

Thinking about these questions and your answers to them can really help you define where your life is cluttered. For some of us it is our home, for others it is too many after work, or school commitments that take us away from loved ones, and prevent us having meaningful relationships.

For others it is too much screen time that leaves us feeling tired, and disconnected to the people in our own home. And we can spend way too much time focussed on needing to earn more money to live happy, or free ourselves from debt, but often, (besides house debt), we are only in debt because we are buying things that give us a temporary fix, and once that fix fades we go out and spend more money on wasteful items.

I will leave you to ponder this question . . . “Where in my life can I remove more distraction, and instead focus on what actually matters most to me?”

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