Do you ever think about whether you are reaching your highest potential? Do ever wonder what it is you could with your life if something, or someone wasn’t holding you back? Do you ever wonder if it is ‘you’ that is holding you back?

When it comes to thinking about what we could possibly be capable of, or what we wish we were achieving it can all be just too scary to contemplate! Questions can enter our minds, like;

  • what if I fail?
  • what would I even want to do?
  • what if I have nothing I am passionate about?
  • what if I try and look stupid?
  • what if I succeed and then people expect more of me?
  • what if I figure out what I want, and then can’t do it for financial reasons, or other commitments?
  • what if I am just not that special?
  • what if I have no talent?
  • what if I waste money?
  • what if success changes me?
  • what if what I think I have potential at, I actually don’t?

There are so many fears that can come to mind when we truly confront the truth of what we actually want for ourselves. When we look deep inside we fear what we may find, we can be as afraid of success as we can be of failure. But, what if you were told to put all fears aside, to imagine yourself somewhere you find peaceful and then just spend some time exploring your heart and mind.

Think about what it is that you are here on earth to do, what is it about you that people say you are a natural at? What is it that you enjoy, or fills you with a sense of energy, perhaps an untapped sense of excitement?

Imagine you are standing in front of yourself, what would you wish you could say to yourself, what would you tell yourself to try harder at, or wish for? Imagine a Portal opening before you, and if you enter you can live with more purpose, more joy, more authenticity, it’s an exciting thought, but yet many of us feel scared too.

What do you imagine is behind the door? What if it is the most wonderful future? Would you open it?

It is ok to feel unsure, some people thrive with change and others prefer to not mess with the status quo. If you feel you are not really living a life that makes you happy, or a life that lacks personal fulfilment then it may be time to try and embrace a little change? One baby step at a time.

Spend some time pondering what your highest potential is, maybe write about it in a journal, or write a letter to a future you talking about where you hope you are, keep it, or rip it up. Maybe express how you feel through art, or talk to someone who knows you well and you trust, (just not someone who likes to tell you they know better than you do), someone who will listen to you and not lecture! Keep in mind you deserve to feel happy, sometimes we are so focused on keeping everyone else happy that we forget we matter too! Dare to dream, dare to shake things up, dare to live a life a little less ordinary.

Let me know your thoughts, do you feel you are already living the life that you want to be? if so share some wisdom with us! If not, do you feel something specific is holding you back?

Thanks for taking the time to read, reflect and ponder with me, love Mac xx