Even though my blog is titled Reflections From Me I have never actually googled the definition of ‘reflection’, so I decided today was the day.

According to the Dictionary the noun of reflection is;

“the throwing back by a body or surface of light, heat, or sound without absorbing it.”

It is also;

“serious thought or consideration.”

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Clearly I chose the right name for my blog given I am very reflective, but how reflective are you?  Today I have decided to set you a little challenge to help you become  a little more reflective! Within the coming months I want you to try and set some time aside where you are unlikely to be disturbed. If you can then print out this sheet,  grab a journal or sheet of paper and a pen.  Make yourself a cuppa, get comfy and begin reflecting.

Here goes . . . .

  • Week one:  What is going well for me right now?    When I was young I dreamed I would?
  • Week two:  My biggest regret?  What relationships in my life nurture me?
  • Week three:  My ideal day?  Today I am grateful for?
  • Week four:   What big wins in life have I had?   I feel so happy when I?
  • Week five:    Before this year is over I will?  Things I’d like to say NO/YES to more are?
  • Week six:    What do I need to start doing?  10 things that make me happy are?
  • Week seven:   I feel excited when?   What could I improve in my life?
  • Week eight: Ten positive things about me are?  Through doing this eight week process what have I learned about myself?


See how you go! If you don’t feel you can commit to this, then just take some time now to consider some of these questions, or pop it aside for a rainy day. If you do feel you can commit then good on you! Let me know how you go? Is there any questions that really inspire you to get writing?

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