Right now I feel . . . .

How do you feel? If you had to finish this sentence right now what would you write? Would it depend on if anyone was going to read it? What if it was just for your eyes, would that help you to be honest, or would you still struggle to answer? 

Sometimes I find it hard to even be honest with myself about how I am really feeling, afraid that if I do I amy open up the floodgates to emotions that I am not sure I want to acknowledge right now. It is easier to say “I’m good”, or “I’m fine”, to friends, to family, and even to myself. But somedays I am really not OK, somedays it all feels too hard,  too much. Somedays I feel like I am forcing myself to get out of bed and put on my makeup, to smile, to interact with others, and all I want is to hide away. Other days I really am fine, life feels easy, I feel happy. Other days are amazing, I feel vibrant and love being around people, and trying new things!

I have this Journal, it is a Pause Journal from Kikki K, (the above picture was taken by me of my journal), it is all about getting us to pause, and to be present in the moment. It is not asking how we were feeling a month ago, or how we were feeling yesterday, it is asking how we feel right now. So before you go on reading this, take a moment to pause and reflect on how you are feeling. Be present in this moment, breathe, and know that whatever you are feeling is OK. If you feel like sharing then do so in the comments below. If you feel unable to share then just write it down and then rip it up. Otherwise share how you are feeling with someone close.

Just Pause.

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I also really love this gorgeous photo of @burnishedchaos and their family walk.

and couldn’t go past this gorgeous capture of meal time with @surrey_mama

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