When we are children we think a lot about our future, our dreams, aspirations and all the things we’ll be able to do because our parents won’t be able to stop us! How cool is it going to be!

My little man often tells me how if he could he would eat pancakes with syrup everyday for breakfast, he’s so cute though because he’ll add, “if they are healthy.” His current pancake intake would average 3 times a year, so he’s really hanging out for pancakes! (Poor boy, he’s stuck on Weetbix and All-bran! everyday.)

This is a classic example of how kids think, and how we once thought. We think we’ll go out any time we want, eat ice-cream for dinner if we desire, we’ll be able to buy whatever we want (without going into debt, because debt isn’t a word that exists in a child’s vocabulary,) we’ll have the coolest car, travel to Disney Land whenever we want. It’s pretty much endless fun, fun and more fun when you’re a grown up, fun ‘to infinity and beyond’ Yippee!!

And yes, there is some reality in that, we can have ice-cream, or pancakes whenever we want (only now we have a little thing called ‘heart disease’ to consider, or ‘weight gain’) We can buy the things we want, but that word ‘debt’ is suddenly a very real and dirty word. As children we didn’t think about working long hours to pay off the car we now drive to work in, or working for months to pay off that amazing holiday we took. We didn’t consider all the jobs and responsibilities we’d have (thank goodness, I mean seriously we’d have more depressed children if they knew!) So now we’ve made it to adulthood we see the reality of being a grown up, and instead of desiring more pancakes, we are actually craving a little peace in our lives! A moment to just sit and look around and take in nature, or feel the sun caress our bodies, or just stop and smell a flower, or really taste what we are putting in our mouths (instead of shovelling it in before the baby cries, or the toddler throws a tantrum about eating veggies, before the  phone rings, or we have to check our Facebook page.)

Life is so busy now, so today take a moment and just spend it looking at something beautiful, tasting something delicious, or smelling something divine. Today take the time to watch your children dream, it really is adorable. When we stop over analysing and over thinking about where we’ve been, where we are going, and what we have on our ‘to do list’, when we take a moment and just be in ‘it’, and let go of expectation, then we can truly experience a moment for what it is. A moment, a beautiful moment and a little peace in our minds.

Thanks for joining me, love Mackenzie xx